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Khagrachari residents complained of network problems

Khagrachari Correspondent: Mobile networks have become a source of trouble everywhere in Khagrachari. No matter what happens in the main center of the district town, running the net at different upazila level is a big responsibility. Mobile operators are failing to provide services despite having adequate subscribers.Government operators Teletalk, private operators Grameenphone, Robi, Airtel Banglaling frequent network visits, no network coverage, call drop or call fail and communication arrows are causing extreme embarrassment to the general customers.

According to reliable sources, Bangladesh has entered the digital age a few years ago. Bangabandhu satellite is rising in the sky. Increased communication through internet. From 2G (2G) to 4G, the mobile service is not available anywhere in the district and upazila level. Is there no solution to the network problem? The customer’s question is that the speed of the previous 2G net was somewhat better than the Forge (4G) network.

Complaints of the aggrieved consumers are that Forge (4G) is far from annoying. Showing 2G when entering the Forge network somewhere. 3G is also not available.

In reality, the mobile subscribers of the district town easily get Forge (4G) facility but the general subscribers of the upazila are constantly being deprived of such facility. Even if the customers run the network for their own money, they are using it by buying megabytes or gigabytes but the speed is like a tortoise. But in reality it has been seen that the validity of 2 rupees pickle or lozenge is 6 months or more. But all the operators have very short validity of megabytes or gigabytes used in mobiles. In order to overcome this problem, the customers have to report to the customer care at their own expense, but no solution is being found. With which there is a suppressed anger in the mind of every human being. Even then the speed of the auto connection or network of the mobile goes at the speed of a tortoise.

Teachers at various educational institutions complained that it was needless to say how much success had been achieved due to network problems in the online-based education activities currently being conducted. The reason is that the net speed of every operator company including the government company Teletalk is very fragileIn this regard, Maya Rani Sarkar, a former female member of Ultachhari Union of Panchhari, Siraj Mia, a tomtom driver, Bihari Tripura and many others said that the condition of mobile network in every area of ​​the district is very fragile. If you keep the mobile in the room, there is no network. If you want to call somewhere, you have to come out of the house under the open sky. Yet the words cannot be heard. Customers are angry at mobile network companies for not having a home network and not being able to use it.

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