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Kasimbazar of Sundarganj in the womb of Teesta

Asaduzzaman from Gaibandha: Due to incessant rains and continuous rise of Teesta water from upstream, erosion has started in Teesta river in different areas of Sundarganj upazila. In the last one week, the village of Kasimbazar in Haripur union of the upazila and the houses of more than three hundred families in Chandipur, Tarapur, Kapasia and Sreepur union have disappeared in the last one week. To prevent erosion, the Water Development Board has thrown geo bags and sandbags in different areas on an emergency basis, but it is not working.

Now about a thousand houses are on the verge of demolition. These families living on the banks of the river are now living in misery due to fear of erosion. Daisara steps of the Water Development Board could not stop the erosion of the Teesta. As a result, crop land is being lost in the riverbed due to continuous erosion of Teesta.

Meanwhile, severe erosion has occurred in various chars of Kapasia Union including Ujan Bochagari of Chandipur Union, Panchpir Kheyaghat, Khodda of Tarapur Union, Lathsala and Kashim Bazar Kheyaghat of Haripur Union. Speaking to people in the affected areas, it was learned that in the last seven days, the houses of more than three hundred families in Kasimbazar village have been washed away by the river. They said that at the rate at which the demolition continues, the traditional Nazimabad BL High School cannot be protected within the next 10 days.

In this regard, the school authorities have appealed to the government to take urgent steps to protect the school. Haripur UP chairman Nafiul Islam Jimmy said his union had suffered the most. But so far no strong measures have been taken to prevent this erosion. In a span of seven days, more than 300 houses and cultivable lands in Kasimbazar, Lakhiyarpara, Madaripara, Charcharitabari and Charitabari villages have been washed away by the river. There is no place to take shelter of the affected families.
In this regard, Mokhlesur Rahman, Executive Engineer, Water Development Board, said that permanent protective measures have been taken to prevent erosion in Kasimbazar of Haripur Union. Emergency activities are also going on in some unions.


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