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Kakailche is accused of wrong treatment and death of two newborns including a pregnant woman

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Ajmiriganj (Habiganj) Representative :

A paramedic and his assistant at Kakailcheo Union Health and Family Welfare Center in Ajmeriganj Upazila have been charged with wrongful treatment and death of two newborns, including a pregnant woman. There is panic among the patients in the area about this incident. They have also been accused of taking money. Kakailchewe Union Health Family Welfare Center is the only medical center in the Bhati region. Apart from Ajmeriganj, patients from different upazilas including Mithamin and Itna came there for treatment. But Ishrat Jahan Runa, a paramedic at the center, and his assistant Shahana Akter demanded money as soon as the patient arrived. Otherwise treat them indecently. One month ago, a midwife named Taslima Akhter (30) of Kamalpur in Ajmiriganj Upazila came to them. He took some money and gave him medicine along with medical treatment. When his condition deteriorated after taking the medicine, he went to them again last Friday. At this time they tested and said that the condition of the baby is not good, it has to be delivered now. You have to pay for this. Frightened, Taslima’s family agrees and Runa and Shahana try to get a normal delivery. At one stage, if Taslima’s condition deteriorated further, she was advised to be taken to Habiganj. After taking Taslima to Ajmeriganj Upazila Health Complex, Taslima died.

On the other hand, Akter, 25, wife of Amir Hossain of Barbari village near Kakailchewa of Itna police station, recently came to Runa and Shahana with labor pains. Later they left the money and gave some medicine and treatment. When he went to them again a few days later, he tried to deliver normally for 5,000 rupees. But when the situation deteriorated, he was sent to Habiganj for Caesar. When a caesarean section is performed in a private clinic, the partner is saved from death by giving birth to a stillborn newborn. According to their relatives, Runa and Shahana’s maltreatment has resulted in the death of Taslima, a pregnant woman.

In this regard, Ishrat Jahan Runa said, they try to serve the patients as much as they can. It is not right to take money. But if someone is happy and gives something, they take it.

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