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Journalist Arun Sarkar is a brand name

Junaid Ahmad Chowdhury //

Journalist Arun Sarkar is a brand name. Even after one conspiratorial false case after another, the fearless object is sending news which is unprecedented. Nowadays, investigative reports are rarely seen on the pages of newspapers. But the Arun government continues to write against the criminal state. Important reports from remote areas of Sylhet cannot escape his attention. In particular, his position is very clear in preventing smuggling, shipments of various types of drugs, shipments of various types of Indian goods including weapons. In the meantime, a number of investigative news items have been published online and in national dailies. After all this, he was framed in a conspiratorial Judge Mia drama case. Sometimes he is being framed under the Digital Security Act and sometimes with drugs. A syndicate of some moneylenders called Elite Force of RAB-9 is also hanging. He and his family are currently suffering from extreme insecurity.

The journalist I saw was a talented young man. His pen is always on the path of truth and justice. He does not bully anyone. Reluctant to run after any procession-meeting or assembly or any leader-worker. He likes to walk in the open air in his own identity. Sometimes he also writes columns. He never wore a card or a press suit. He loves to live a simple life. He was ashamed to introduce himself as a journalist and said that there was no real journalist. Because in case of collecting information, the identity of the journalist is not acceptable. You are a journalist only if you can work like a detective. No real journalist has friends, no organization. But he also used to say that being a journalist means one foot in your jail and the other foot out. That is what is happening to him today. He is showing the whole nation how to run the pen while enduring prison-torture. What else is there to enjoy like this?

When I hear that a simple person is being harassed with digital security laws and sometimes being framed with that piece of yaba, then my mind becomes small. Not only that, in order to embarrass some people, selfish yellow journalists including the nameless Bhuifor Online, Facebook Like Page have published the news with his personal picture. This clearly shows that they are also involved in one way or another with the nurturing of Judge Mia’s drama out of jealousy. One or two media outlets have made headlines about the arrest of yaba trader Arun Fer. Some have written about the alleged arrest of journalist Arun. Someone has also tried to rescue his fourteen. However, the most widely circulated daily in the country is Manabjamin. In his article, a so-called pro-BNP-Jamaat staff reporter of the newspaper mentioned that journalist Arun Sarkar was running a business by importing yaba consignments from India. He further mentioned in his writings that Arun Sarkar has been imprisoned in the case of sedition or he has been imprisoned in the past and so on. In fact, there are rumors in Sylhet about the educational qualifications against the staff reporter. There are many stories about her marriage. Even then he is in that newspaper in a huge taboo. He does not publish any news without subscription. He is accompanied by a huge and influential smuggling syndicate group. From their umbrella, he introduces himself as a large-scale journalist. His addiction and profession is to degrade the quality by publishing news without any statement of the reporter through social media. Some people know him as the driver of the car again.

The same predicament applies to other affiliate Bhuifor online media. Their target is journalist Arun Sarkar. That’s why they published the news without observing the scene. Because that group of monkeys has failed to unravel the mystery of the main event. Little did they know that there was CCTV video footage at the Medina Community Center adjacent to Chatul Bazaar. And RAB-9 has made that place the scene. Arun Sarkar’s body was not searched that night. His body was searched after he was taken to Jaintapur Model Police Station. A constable named Tao Ripon searched the body in front of the CCTV video footage at the police station. A wallet, a journalist’s ID card and some money were recovered from him. So the question remains, how did RAB recover 68 pieces of yaba from the pocket of the journalist’s pants? And why did the members of RAB-9 fail to recover the wallet, the ID card of the journalist and the money earlier. If the CCTV video footage of that night is collected then the cat in the bag will come out!

At the time of the incident, some RAB members were repeatedly saying that they had been conducting operations for several days but no action was being taken. Besides, the senior officials have become quite annoyed with them. At that time, the name of an ASP named Lutfur came out of their mouths. He also commented that if they failed that day, they would suffer huge losses. On that occasion they needed an expedition. They further said that they have some yaba in themselves and if necessary they have to show their recovery and protect their dignity. At that time, a RAB source said that besides Tafazzul, the names of more than one person were also mentioned. He was saying that Abdul Karim and his nephew Sohail were sent with yaba by the man against Tafazzul. Then our campaign will be fine. Later, the source was talking about the name of a smuggler in the top list of the intelligence agency and the name of the alleged former Chhatra League leader, the official rice embezzler. They are from 5th Fatehpur Union Was doing. They are Rafiq Ahmed of Hemu Haudpara village in Fatehpur Union No. 5 and Zakaria Mahmud of the same village. At that time, he told the RAB members that if they showed Arun arrested, they would give them a large sum of money. That’s what works. Uncle and nephew were tortured. And the three were shown to share yaba!

Meanwhile, if you look, you can see the picture of Yaba in two blue packets in the press release sent by RAB-9. The case shows three packets of yaba. There they mentioned the crime of selling and keeping in their custody. If the CCTV video footage of the RAB-9 office that night is examined, then that shocking information will come out. On the other hand, a source has confirmed that Zakaria Mahmud has a deep friendship with the talkative staff reporter of Manabjamin newspaper. From news releases to important conversations, worms will come out if they collect their mobile phone call list. Besides, they have shown their inferiority by destroying journalist Arun and exposing him in public and publishing his personal picture. Because three people have been accused in that case but for mysterious reasons only the picture of journalist Arun was published. It was understood that their target was towards that brand. Whose name is journalist Arun Sarkar. He is not only a brand but also the king lion of the forest.

Junaid Ahmad Chowdhury
Message editor

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