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Joe Biden and Putin have spoken in the same tone

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The presidents of the United States and Russia have praised their talks in Geneva. However, for the first time since 2016, little progress has been made in this meeting between the two countries.

US President Joe Biden has said that despite differences of opinion on various issues, not much has happened. He also said that Russia does not want a new war of nerves.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Mr. Biden is an experienced politician and they both “speak in unison.”

The talks between the two leaders lasted about three hours, though less than the scheduled time.

Mr. Biden said they do not need to spend much time talking and that there is a real potential for developing US relations with Russia. As a gift to Russian leader Putin, Mr. Biden, a custom-made aviator gives sunglasses. This sunglasses is one of the favorite styles of the US President. With that Mr. Putin was presented with a crystal sculpture of a bison. However, Mr. Mr. Putin. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

In 2016, the Russian leader presented a football gift to former President Donald Trump after a meeting in Helsinki, Finland. The two sides agreed to start talks on nuclear weapons control.

They also said they would return the ambassadors to each other’s capitals – the ambassadors were withdrawn on the basis of mutual talks last March after allegations of Russian interference in the 2020 US presidential election. However, opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence for cyber security, Ukraine and Russia, has shown signs of compromising on other issues, including his future.

Mr. Biden said Navalny’s death in prison could have “devastating consequences” for Russia.

What did the leaders discuss?

Before the summit, both sides said their relationship was at an all-time low.

Mr. Putin also hinted at a possible deal on a prisoner exchange, saying he believed a compromise could be reached. In the cyber-attack issue, Mr. Putin has categorically denied the allegations against Russia. He says most of Russia’s cyber-attacks have come from the United States.

Biden told Putin that complex infrastructures, such as water or energy, must be kept out of hacking or other attacks.

“I looked at him and said, ‘How would you feel if someone stuck your oil pipeline and demanded a ransom?’ He added that the United States would retaliate if Russia violated these “basic rules.”

There were sharp differences between the two sides on human rights issues, including the right to protest.

Mr. Putin recently dismissed US concerns over the Navalny issue, saying Navalny had recently gone on a 24-day hunger strike. He said Navalny had ignored the law and knew he would be imprisoned if he returned to Russia after receiving medical treatment in Germany. He was given nerve agent poisoning on Putin’s orders – although Mr. Putin denied the allegations.

Putin said Russia does not want turmoil in its territory, such as the Capitol Hill riots or the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mr. Black Lives Matter. Mr Putin dismissed the remarks as “ridiculous”. Biden and he said human rights would “always be at the negotiating table.”

Asked why Russia would want to cooperate with the United States, Mr Biden said it was “Russia is in a very, very difficult place now”.

“China has crushed Russia. They are now desperate to remain a major power,” Biden told reporters before leaving Geneva.

At one point during the press conference, a reporter asked the US president if he believed in Putin. In response, Mr. Biden shook his head. However, the White House said in a statement that Mr. Biden “did not answer any questions very clearly, but generally nodded in front of the media.”

When a CNN reporter asked if Mr. Why did Biden believe that Mr. Putin can change his behavior, the US president said quite annoyed, “If you do not understand, you are working in the wrong place.”

The BBC’s Sarah Rainsford in Moscow says Mr Putin has repeatedly said that Russia is a nuclear-armed country – an important country, even though its economy is smaller than the US. Biden came to the discussion.

A worthy opponent:

(John Soppel, North America Editor)

What will be the benefit of this summit? I think Joe Biden will see a breakthrough because this meeting has had their detailed discussions on almost all issues.

I think Mr. Biden – wants to prove to the people of his country that ‘America is back’ which means ‘I am not Donald Trump’.

And I think he wanted to make that point at his press conference. Mr. Biden is now back in the United States in Air Force One.

He said: “If Russia does not go against the United States on all issues, including human rights and cyber attacks, the United States will respond.”

However, it is not yet clear how he will react.

And I’m sure Mr. Putin will return to Moscow and think: “Well, he said that, but what is he going to do about it?”

Mr. Putin has seen Western leaders before. Perhaps he thinks that Mr. Biden is different from other American presidents. But I think Mr. Putin will test his limits, and Mr. Biden will have to decide in the end – how he will react.

Source: BBC Bangla

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