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Jessore market is full of adulterated and low quality drugs

James Abdur Rahim Rana: From minor ailments to incurable diseases, the mainstay of all remedies is medicine.  When that medicine is adulterated, counterfeit or substandard, then where is the last hope?  But the soybean market is such an adulterated medicine, which has been going on for a long time.  At present, there is boundless anarchy in the drug market of Jessore.  Soybeans have become ubiquitous in adulterated medicines.
According to sources, despite the reputation of Bangladeshi medicine in the world market, there are allegations that there is boundless anarchy in the drug trade across the country.  Patients have been held hostage by counterfeit, adulterated and low quality drugs and the violence of drug company representatives.
Consumers do not even know what drugs they are buying with money.  There is no effective consumer awareness initiative to prevent anarchy in the drug trade.  There is no opportunity to raise awareness.  In addition, the drug promotion system has been shut down by law.  As a result, in many cases doctors do not even know about new drugs.  According to expert doctors, the country’s market has been flooded with unnecessary medicines.  So ordinary people are not getting the desired benefits even after spending extra money.
The investigation has revealed that the Jessore market is full of adulterated and low quality drugs.  In Jessore’s BCDS Market, Bangabazar, shops set up around Daratana and other suburban pharmacies, adulterated and low quality medicines are always being sold.
However, the administration has always maintained their campaign.
On April 14 this year, members of Jessore RAB-7 raided a house in a residential area in Abhaynagar and identified a counterfeit drug factory.  Huge quantities of counterfeit drugs were seized there.  There was a cycle of copying ‘Gastric medicine Seklo-20’ and producing it under the name ‘Sekno-20’ in the name of an organization called Life Care.
At night, RAB members detected the vicious cycle.  In this way, the administration has found several more factories for making adulterated antibiotics in Jessore.  Many Raghav Boals and journalists themselves are involved in this. However, from time to time the drug administration is taking steps to sell adulterated and low quality drugs.
Their claim is that an adulterated drug called N-50 has already been found in Mahabub Drugs and NK Drugs of BCDS building.  Meanwhile, another adulterated drug of Omiprazol group called Basiktil has been found in Asha Medical.  According to which, Amal Kumar Kundu’s license has been canceled.  Meanwhile, a type of harmful medicine called N-30 was found at Fatema Pharmacy on Gohata Road.
Harmful syrup Irina was found at Jamrul Talar Al Amin Medical Hall and sexually stimulating syrup Kaspa was being sold at Mumtaz Unani Medical.  Which is deadly harmful to the human body. At present 72 pharmaceutical companies are operating in Jessore.  Of these, about 20 companies have maintained the quality of their medicines, but experts have questioned the quality of the medicines of the remaining 50 companies.
Although each antibiotic tablet of Azithromycin group Azith and Echoz sells at 55 Taka, the retail price of Mcap of the same group is 5 Taka, Dumeflox at 6 Taka, Silosin at 8 Taka, Tyflox at 12 Taka, Reoplox at 14 Taka and Cyprosin at 15 Taka.  Meanwhile, the retail price of Kumudini Pharma’s Cefadial Tablet is Tk 30 but the retail price is Tk 12, while the retail price of Sharif Pharma’s Ezacit is Tk 35.
On the condition of anonymity, a vendor from Jessore Bangabazar told our correspondent James Abdur Rahim Rana about the difference in price and cheating the buyers.  And the sales are much higher, moreover, the medicine companies offer more benefits in this medicine.
The drug policy published in the Gazette on June 12, 1982 states that no advertisement related to drugs and medicines can be published without the permission of the Registration Authority so that the general public is not misled by commercial advertisements in the field of drugs and health issues.  .  The opposite result, doctors poyabaro.
According to the research, even though there is no easy system of promotion, most of the pharmaceutical companies have allocated large sums of money for marketing and publicity.  They spend a lot of money on advertising.  Many doctors have the opportunity to rent a fridge in the chamber or at home, television, AC and even rent a house monthly, even travel abroad.  In return the doctors prescribe the medicine of the concerned pharmaceutical company in the prescription of the patient.
 In this regard, Assistant Director of Jessore Department of Drug Administration Nazmul Hasan said, “I have voluntarily collected 54 samples in the financial year 2020-21 and sent them to the lab.”  In the meantime, I have recommended revocation of licenses and fines of some companies for possession of adulterated and substandard drugs.  He said I am doing my best to catch adulterated and substandard medicine.

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