June 22, 2021, 7:33 pm

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Jaintapur auction of Indian goods: ‘Circle Sir knows everything’ SI Shahedul!

SI Kazi Shahedul, photo-collected.
Sylhet Representative :

The confiscated Indian goods worth around Tk 22 lakh were auctioned at 5pm on Wednesday (June 2) at 5pm without complying with court rules. Allegedly, the smuggler syndicate group manipulated the auction by secretly handing over SI Kazi Shahedul Islam of the police station without following all the procedures of the auction. It is believed that the SI himself has traded bribes of around two and a half lakh rupees. The seized items are sold at auction without publishing the notice of auction in any local daily or national daily newspaper. Besides, miking and notices were not posted in the local upazila. Police hung notices in the police station area only nominally. However, many people thought that the notice was not hung at the scheduled time. After the news was published, the administration sat motionless. But it is a mystery but true that the next night the Jaintapur police hurried to digest the gift and explained the goods to the person of their choice. But before that, SI Shahedul’s run in Jaintapur police station, trade is going on in the name of auction! A headline was published in various social media online newspapers, including the English national daily. The main plaintiff in this case is RAB-9, Sylhet’s SI (N) Moniruzzaman, BP.

When I contacted Kazi Shahedul Islam, the investigating officer of the case, to know about this, he said, “I can’t say anything about it, Circle Sir knows everything.”
In this regard, the circle officer said on his mobile phone, I have not seen any newspaper, I would have seen it if the auction notice had been published. I don’t know if miking has been done in public, but I have heard that miking has been done. At that time, he said that he would talk to the investigating officer of the case and get the details.

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