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It would not be appropriate to shut down all unregistered online within 7 days: Information Minister

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Dhaka :

It would not be appropriate to close all unregistered online news portals within seven days. The court will be informed about this, said the Minister of Information and Broadcasting. Hasan Mahmud.

He made the remarks while exchanging views with reporters at the Secretariat on Wednesday (September 15). The High Court has ordered the closure of unregistered online news portals.

Asked what would happen to those who have applied for registration, he said, “We will inform the court that it would not be appropriate to close everything within seven days.” I will close many, I will inform the court, in what process the registration has been given.

Some media outlets have been brought under registration. Asked what decision is being taken about the rest, the information minister said, “After the application, we send it to the home ministry for verification and selection.”

The Ministry of Home Affairs gives these to the investigating agency. We can’t pay until it’s over. That is why it takes time.

Asked to comment on the High Court’s order to shut down unregistered online news portals, the Information Minister said there were no rules in the future other than those that are now registered.

Online that doesn’t really work as a mass media but serves its own special purpose and is not needed in so many online countries like a frog’s umbrella.

He said that anyone can open an online as he wishes and serve as much news as he wants, spread false news, spread rumors, assassinate the character of others, conduct for business purposes, write there to protect any business interest, It is never expedient. In that case this order is definitely a helpful order.

The Information Minister said, “We will definitely shut down some online sites within the time limit set by the court after receiving the written copy.” However, in the future you have to register online. Registration is being given through a process.

We will present that matter to the court. We will close some online. Some have already been shut down. At the same time, we will bring it to the notice of the court. That is why we will bring it to the notice of the court.

Replying to a question, the Information Minister said, “We have started the process of registering YouTube or IPTV in the same way as we are registering online.” No one has been registered yet.

We hoped to be able to pay from last month. But we could not give as we did not get the investigation report. The opportunity to do IPTV like a frog’s umbrella is by no means appropriate.

I will take action against all those IPTVs which are being run with special purpose and pretending to be like television channels.

Earlier on Tuesday, the High Court had ordered the closure of an unregistered online news portal. The BTRC chairman and the chairman of the press council were asked to implement the order within seven days of receiving the court order.

Justice Md. Mojibur Rahman Mia and Justice. The High Court bench of Kamrul Hossain Mollah passed the order. Advocate Rashida Chowdhury Nilu and Barrister Jarin Rahman appeared for the writ petition.

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