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It is necessary to pay more attention to private educational institutions

Arun Sarkar: It is imperative to increase the number of private educational institutions in the country. Unbridled excuses These educational institutions are becoming reckless and violent day by day. After the Corona epidemic, their true appearance has been revealed. There has been speculation about their educational activities. Despite the various directions of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, many educational institutions have avoided it. As a result, several private educational institutions are turning into commercial banks.

It can be seen that the reputed educational institutions in different parts of the country are now carrying on commercial business with emphasis on education. Some are corrupting in the name of trust while others are gaining their own interests by becoming founders. Many are building educational institutions anonymously on behalf of a group. This rampant trade is going on especially in public schools and colleges. There is no proper transparency, accountability and good governance training-education system in these institutions. Their activities are based on the tail.

Despite the government’s praise for the education system, the education sector is lagging behind due to irregularities and corruption in some public schools and colleges. Despite the government’s will, it is being hampered in one way or another. Corona was most affected during the epidemic. Because private schools and colleges are taking tuition fees from the parents of the students instead of online classes. The excuse is being made about the teachers’ salary allowance. Institutional authorities are engaged in such activities without giving any concessions or thinking about the future of the students. Besides, according to the government’s assignment, all the students who are delaying the submission of tuition fees are also being deprived of that examination. They continue their daily activities through arbitrariness and negligence.

Education is power, knowledge is light, education is the backbone of the nation. There is no alternative to education in today’s world, no nation can improve without education that is why the Prime Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina is working with utmost importance in the field of education. But some private educational institutions are not even paying attention to the government’s policy to question that education sector. It has always been seen that questions are leaked during any test. These incidents are happening despite the surveillance of the administration. In no way is all this corruption being stopped. Similarly, private institutions are also using the education sector as a commercial. The private sector is slaughtering the parents of the students as butchers against the government. Money is being misappropriated by showing the salary allowance and other fees of the students of each institution. Only Masohara, the salary of each student is being taken away at the rate of Tk 2,000. Other fees remain. There is no one to pull this unbridled salary trade!

This coronavirus has caused the economy to collapse, unemployment to rise, and trade to suffer. Universal recovery will not happen if the growing inequality is not curbed. But these companies are adopting new trade strategies without caring about anything. There are many complaints from parents that the educational institutions trade crores of rupees in the name of student admission as they cannot control the increase in admission fees and salaries every year. They teach students in a completely different way, just like themselves. Therefore, the responsibility of making the teaching enjoyable rests entirely on the teacher. But all these teachers do not follow it properly. There are widespread allegations of arbitrariness against a number of educational institutions. When you turn the page of this newspaper, you can see the picture of one or another school or college in the country.

Recently, such allegations have been leveled against Scholars Home School and College, a reputed educational institution in Sylhet. The veracity of such information has also been found. The owner of that institution is a trustee and MP of the government party. He has welfare funds. The teachers of that institution are in arrears. If the parents do not pay, the teaching program will be stopped. But the owner of that institution is himself an influential rich man. He has set up various anonymous organizations in the city of Sylhet. If you search, you will see that even if you take a nominal online based class, so far no student is being taken in the absence of assignment test.

Question papers were not sent online either. Many students are being sidelined from assignment exams. Some of the parents who have paid the tuition fee are taking the test by collecting the assignment from the school, not otherwise. Now the question has arisen about the funds of the owner of that organization. How much transparency and accountability. Aware citizens have doubts in their minds.

According to them, the government as well as intelligence agencies need to increase surveillance against these organizations. In addition, all cadets or other high level private institutions must be closely monitored. In this way, if their race continues to grow, the education sector is likely to go completely into the commercial sector.

Lately, anti-government political groups have been harassing school and college students. They are putting pressure on the government in various ways to open schools and colleges without thinking about the future of Komalmati students. From there, it can be understood that a group has come out to ‘question’ the government.

At a time when the whole world is suffering from the Corona epidemic, that group has risen to prominence in the country. It is also important to look into whether private schools and colleges have any involvement with them. So the government must come forward on all these issues soon.

Journalist and writer.

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