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It is important to involve the youth in the food transformation system

Munayem Khan, Netrokona :

An online discussion was organized on Saturday night on the occasion of August World Youth Day in collaboration with Barsik at the initiative of Netrokona Sammilita Yuva Samaj.

Mr. Harun Aur Rashid, Deputy Director, Netrokona Youth Development Department was present as the Chief Guest at the discussion. Also present were representatives of 41 youth organizations in Netrokona and Mymensingh districts, enterprising youth, Niyamul Kabir Sajal, a veteran journalist of safe food movement in Mymensingh Netrokona area, safe food entrepreneur Iqbal Hasan Jupiter, Mukhlesur Rahman Manush, journalist involved in safe food movement Alpana Begum, A total of 49 people including Director Mr. Syed Ali Biswas, Regional Coordinators of Barsik Rajshahi and Satkhira Region, Barsik staff and youth representatives of Netrokona Region. The theme of this year’s Youth Day is: Transformation of Food Management: Active Role of Youth.

Mr. Harun Aur Rashid, Deputy Director, Netrokona Youth Development Department, in his keynote address, said that the campaign for safe food security should be conducted in the same way as the campaign against corona is being conducted by involving the youth. Government and non-government cooperation is essential for the youth. Journalist Niyamul Kabir Sajal said that for safe food, one must first accept oneself, make others aware, practice and involve the youth in production.

The youths said that Corona epidemic is going on, unemployment is increasing, climate change is going on in the world, food system is in crisis, safe food, food security, farmers are being discouraged in food management. Young people are losing interest in agriculture. An agriculturist and not being associated with agriculture, he is choosing another profession. We know nature has our solution, so we should restore the ecosystem and create a world of safe food. In that food system the health of human body and earth will be safe. Therefore, the government should extend a helping hand by involving the youth in the transformation of the food system.

Barsik official Happy Roy presented the theme paper on the day at the meeting. The program was conducted by Mr. Md. Ahidur Rahman, Regional Coordinator of Barsik.

The recommendations that came up at the meeting were:

1. To create a safe zone in the food system, there will be a government loan system for the youth.

2. The budget for the youth should be kept separately in the national budget.

3. At every union level, upazila level, district level, the youth should be co-operated to create safe food corners to strengthen the safe food movement.

4. Village meetings / farmer meetings should be held for campaigning at the farmer level.

5. Young people need to be involved in the movement for safe food.

6. Government and private initiatives should be taken to create a safe food production village in each union.

7. Safe food should be provided for fish farming, animal husbandry, vegetable production, fruit production and processing.

8. The Department of Agriculture needs to play a more pioneering role.

9. Implement safe food laws and protect all natural resources.

10. Uncertain fair market for agricultural products must be stopped.

11. A special chapter (Article-14) has been added to the National Agricultural Policy of 2018 under the title “Youth Power in Agriculture”. Which requires government cooperation in implementation.

12. Every house has to be built as a nutrition home.

13. The use of chemicals should be reduced.

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