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Ishwardi’s son Tarif built an oxygen production plant at low cost from the air

Dewan Sabuj, Ishwardi (Pabna): The demand for oxygen is increasing due to corona virus infection, all the patients at home or in the hospital need oxygen. But Taher Mahmud Tarif, a 10th class student of Government SM Model School and College, set up the plant at low cost to alleviate the oxygen shortage. He made oxygen from the air and surprised everyone.
On Tuesday, June 7, at 11 am, the office of the Upazila Nirbahi Officer made oxygen from the plant he had made. Tarif took two weeks to build the oxygen production plant and the cost was only Rs. 75,000 / = thousand. Tarif also said that Ishwardi Upazila Nirbahi Officer PM Imrul Kayes and my educational institution have cooperated to build the plant.
The lungs are the most affected by the corona virus. Injured lungs tend to lose the ability to collect oxygen needed by the body from the air. As a result, the amount of oxygen in the body decreases. Because of this, people affected by corona fall into the lap of death. That is why it is said that medical oxygen is the most essential life-saving medicine for coronary heart disease.
The normal level of oxygen in a healthy person is 95-100%. If this level is less than 93%, caution is required and if it is less than 92%, doctor’s advice should be sought.

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