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Irregularities in Netrokona canal excavation: Project approval for renaming the river!

Munayem Khan, Netrokona: A river of sorrow was born naturally with sorrow, which is why the river was named Betai river. The naming of the river Betai shows how much sorrow is hidden in the belly of the water, the river and the hope, the desire, the taste of happiness, the river may have wished one day, if the river is dug, the river will be alive forever, the river will return, its navigability will return. . In the high season, the sailors will raise the sails and sing the Bhatiali song, “You sing the Vaitali song in the Pubali wind, go to any country and fly the colorful sails.” That hope of the Betai river was not fulfilled. If not, why it will be a river canal?

Kendua Upazila Awami League Cultural Secretary Royal Bari Union Parishad Chairman SM Iqbal Rumi was composing the liberation war based drama “On the banks of Betai River” which was staged at Kendua Jayahari Spray Government High School playground. This heroic ballad of the liberation war was enjoyed by thousands of theatrical audience in Kendua. I had the opportunity to act in that play, not only me but many other playwrights. Today, by changing the name of the river that distorts history, history is engaged in the process of making a canal by destroying tradition. The Betai River is located in the central basin of Sandikona and Royalbari Unions. But on paper Betai is a river, project approval is Betai canal. Irregularities in excavation work.

It was learned on the spot on Saturday (May 15) morning that the inaugural name plate reads LGED, Netrokona for the implementation of Betai Khal Pubs Ltd. under Small Water Resources Development (Phase II) under Kendua Upazila of Netrokona District. The canal is written in the project, while Naib Piyas Ahmed of the Sandikona Union Land Office said, class 1 in the BRS Khas Khatian No. 1 mentions class rivers in a total area of ​​12 acres 17 percent. Among them, J, L, No. 119 of Baluchar mouza, 8 acres 30 per cent in Dag No. 577 and 3 acres 6 per cent in Peri Sahitpur mouza.

Perry Sahitpur mouzar J, L, No. 114, Dag No. 346A 1 acre 2 percent and 147 Dag 2 acres 85 percent. Both the rivers are mentioned according to the mark of JL No. and the owner is Netrokona Deputy Commissioner on behalf of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the local people say that this river is the bearer of our history and heritage. Betai river is one of the main rivers of Kendua. We do not understand how the canal came to be in the project. According to the budget, the rules and regulations were not taken into consideration.

They are trying to distort the history by changing the name of Betai river to canal and approving the project. We want a fair solution from the administration in this regard. People also say that the new generation will recognize the Betai river as a canal in the future. This history cannot be abolished. Locals also said that the quality of work according to the project budget was questionable.

When I asked the project president Md. Islam Uddin about this on his mobile phone, he said in an angry voice, “I did not take the canal or the river in my pocket, it is still there.” Asked why the river became a canal, he said, “I don’t know anything about it. The government knows and those who have approved the project know.”

Kendua LGED official Zakir Hasan said the 11-km project is divided into 14 schemes with an allocation of over Tk 2 crore. He said, “I have heard from the people that Betai canal, Betai river is written on paper. I do not know that.” We will investigate the work irregularities at the end of Eid holidays. If necessary, an expert team will come and investigate. Kendua Upazila Nirbahi Officer Moinuddin Khandaker said that he has asked Kendua Upazila Engineer Md. Zakir Hasan to look into the matter.

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