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Iran wants to maintain relations with the world: Raisi

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Newly-elected Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said on Monday that developing relations with Gulf Arab states would be a priority in Iran’s foreign policy. He also called on regional rival Saudi Arabia to immediately stop intervening in Yemen. News Reuters and AFP.
Ibrahim Raisi, a 60-year-old conservative judge and fierce critic of the West, will take over from moderate President Hassan Rouhani in August.

Since the time of Hassan Rouhani, Iran has been hoping to revive the historic nuclear deal at risk and bring the country’s economy back to normal from the sword of US sanctions. “Iran’s foreign policy will not be limited to that agreement,” Raisi told a news conference in Tehran after his election. Iran wants to maintain mutual relations and communication with the world. The development of relations with the neighboring countries of the Arabian Gulf will be the priority of my government.

Rice’s remarks at the press conference were broadcast on state television. In Friday’s Iranian presidential election, Raisi received 62 percent of the vote.

His three opponents conceded defeat and congratulated him. He has the support of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and conservative politicians. Moderate President Rouhani also congratulated.

At the press conference, Raisi stressed his government’s special emphasis on developing relations with Arab neighbors, but called on Saudi Arabia to immediately stop intervening in Yemen. He also said that there was no obstacle for Iran to re-establish relations with Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi-led coalition began intervening in the country’s war in 2015 after Iran-backed Houthi rebels ousted the government from the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.
Officials in Iran and the West say Rice’s victory will not change the country’s position on a nuclear deal, despite the rise of extremist politics in Iran. Because Ayatollah Khamenei’s decision on the big issue of the state is final.
In his speech, Rice said the United States has violated the nuclear deal and the European Union has failed to keep its promises. “I urge the United States to live up to its promise,” he said, referring to the agreement, which would ensure that national interests are protected. But we will not accept any compromise in the interest of compromise. ‘

Asked if he would meet with new US President Joe Biden if the United States lifted sanctions on Iran, Rice said no.

Raisi added that he wanted to protect the rights and security of the Iranian people. As a judge, he has always strived to protect human rights. He further added that the sanctions imposed on him by the United States for alleged human rights abuses were intended to serve as a judge.

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