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India is using the straightline method to determine the baseline

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Part of the coastal baseline used by India to determine the maritime boundary falls within the borders of Bangladesh. After trying unsuccessfully to resolve the issue bilaterally for a long time, Bangladesh sent a letter to the UN Secretary General on 13 September. News online.

The letter states that the Ministry of External Affairs sent a letter to Delhi in October of that year protesting the baseline used by India in demarcating its maritime boundaries in May 2009. Concern was also expressed and India was requested to rectify the matter. But Delhi has not done that yet. The matter became more murky in April 2021. When India wrote a letter to the UN opposing the baseline set by Bangladesh. In a letter to the UN Secretary General, Bangladesh said Bangladesh had not informed the UN and its member states about the matter for a long time. But now Bangladesh is opposing it and will continue to do so until India fixes the issue and informs the UN. Explaining the matter, it is said that in 1976, India enacted the law on territorial waters and maritime zones. 33 years later, in 2009, India amended the baseline. Although the previous rules provided for determining the baseline from low water, now they are using the straightline method. Which is contrary to section 7 of the Unclus. Although there is a provision to determine the baseline from the coast, the 87th base point of India is about 11 nautical miles from the coast. On the other hand, the location of its 89th base point is about 2.3 miles within the waters of Bangladesh.

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