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Inauguration of Land Service Week in Faridpur

Rabiul Hasan Rajib, Faridpur: “Land Service is Digital, Days Are Changing” In the year of Mujib, Land Service Week (June 6-10) has been inaugurated in Faridpur as per the instructions of the Ministry of Land.
Deputy Commissioner Atul Sarkar inaugurated the service week by distributing leaflets among the people and flying balloons and festoons at 10.30 am on Sunday, June 6.
The meeting was organized by Faridpur district administration and chaired by Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Taslima Ali in a conference room of the deputy commissioner’s office.
Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education and ICT) Mohammad Saiful Kabir, Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mohammad Al-Amin and Assistant Commissioner (Confidential) Tareq Hasan were also present on the occasion.
Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Masum Reza was present on the occasion.
Among the Union Land Assistant Officers, Khalilpur Union Land Assistant Officer Md. Abul Kalam Azad Titu and Charmadhabdia Union Land Deputy Assistant Officer Afsana Jahan spoke.
Officers and employees of all Union Land Offices of Sadar Upazila were also present at the time.
During the week-long activities, online registration of land owners during office hours, data entry activities will continue, normal activities of Union Land Office will continue, public awareness miking, leaflets will be distributed in each Union Land Office.
Deputy Commissioner Atul Sarkar said the present government is digitizing all sectors. About 50 percent of the work has already been completed. If the land development tax is not paid regularly, it is likely to become khas at some point. But as a result of this digitization, this problem no longer exists. Here you can pay your own land rent. Ordinary people will now be able to know all the information about their land very easily.

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