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In the name of land acquisition in Netro kona, 2 hundred places were seized!

Munayem Khan, Netrokona: Manu Mia has been living with his family for a long time on a 4-acre land next to the Kailati Jhinjilla Bridge on Netrokona Ishwarganj Road. In order to continue the development trend of the road government from Netrokona to Ishwarganj in the last 19/20 financial year, Rezbi Conquest took 4 percent of the land in the name of Manu Mia’s land acquisition. Meanwhile, the surveyors of the district administration and the road and highway office went to the ground and added the measurements step by step and informed the land owners that your land has been acquired. Your debts will be paid to you. The road work is going well but no one paid much attention to the helpless poor Manu Mia. There is a road over his house but so far he has not received any money. The contractor is passing the time because he is giving money when he asks for money to acquire that land.

Meanwhile, not only this problem but also other problems remain on the road. Roads and Highways Office sources said that the cost of 28 km 500 meters road from Netrokona to Ishwarganj will be calculated after paying the land acquisition fee. Going to the ground, it can be seen that out of the 4 hundred acres of land of Manu Mia’s house, two hundred acres have been taken on the road and his house on the rest of the land. The height of the road from the house is about 30 feet. The house could be destroyed at any time if the landslide from the side of the road. Even the whole family can die. In this precarious situation, Manu Mia is living in panic with 5 daughters and 5 members of his family including his wife. This can lead to the death of the family at any time.

Talking to Enye Manu Mia, he said, “I am a poor man living in a tea stall with three daughters.” All my hopes have been dashed by this road. Where will I go now with my three daughters. He is threatening to ask the contractor for money. My earnest request to the government is that I be released from this place. Locals said it was a matter of concern how the family was living at such a high risk. Our demand to the authorities is to rescue this family from here and move it elsewhere.

When contacted, Md. Hamidul Islam, Executive Engineer, Netrokona Roads Department, informed about the money for land acquisition and said that this is the job of the district administration.

While talking to Deputy Commissioner Kazi Md. Abdur Rahman on his mobile phone, he ignored the issue as soon as he was identified as a journalist and cut off the connection as he was in a meeting.

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