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In the first six months of this year, 697 women and children were raped

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Special Correspondent:

In the first six months of this year (January to June), 697 women and girls were raped. 431 of them are children. In July alone, 108 women and 73 children were tortured, according to the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad.

The information was given in a statement signed by the general secretary of the organization Maleka Banu on Wednesday. The report has been prepared on the basis of news published in 13 dailies preserved in the Legal Aid sub-council of the organization.

According to the statement, 104 women and children have been raped in the last six months, including 41 girls. 16 people have been killed after being raped including 12 children. 46 people including 34 children have been sexually abused. 22 people including 12 children have been harassed. 99 people including 29 children have been physically abused. 221 women and children have been killed including 62 children. 22 girls have been victims of child marriage.

The statement said that a total of 181 women and children were tortured in July. 67 people have been raped. Among them, 28 children have been raped, five have been gang-raped, two have been killed after being raped and one has committed suicide due to rape. Besides, 9 people including four children have been tried for rape. One of the victims has been stabbed. Five people, including a child, have been sexually abused. Two people have been burnt by acid. One person has been burnt. One child has been harassed. One has committed suicide after being harassed. Six people, including five children, have been abducted. There have been seven incidents of trafficking in women and children. Twenty-six people, including five children, have been killed for various reasons. Attempts have also been made to kill two people. Nine people have been tortured due to dowry, two of them have been killed due to dowry. A total of 13 people, including seven children, have been physically abused. 10 people including three children have committed suicide due to various tortures. Sixteen people, including five girls, have mysteriously died. There have been two incidents of child marriage. An attempt at child marriage has been made. Six people, including a girl child, have been victims of cyber crime.

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