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In Sakhipur, farmers are busy to bring boro paddy to their houses

Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail): At Sakhipur in Tangail, farmers are drunk with joy after getting bumper yield of boro paddy. Due to the fair price and favorable weather, the farmers are working day and night to get the paddy in the house even in the scorching heat. Even in the current month of Ramadan, there is no need to worry about their fatigue. The farmers of the upazila are somewhat afraid of the storm-rain of Boishakh. All in all, he has been busy cutting, tying, carrying, threshing, blowing and picking paddy.

As soon as the farmer sees the thunderstorm in the sky, he is anxious to take this golden paddy home. Boar is spending a lot of time saving the harvest of his long hard work and taking it home. Peasants are working with their sons and daughters. Many of them are harvesting boro paddy in their respective lands with workers. Some of them are threshing the paddy through the machine, while the farmers are boiling the paddy in an organized manner. Somewhere again it is seen that the paddy is being dried in the sun by making a temporary yard in the backyard and in the yard. Even after so much hard work, the farmers are taking the boro paddy home with joy and enthusiasm.

It can be seen in different areas of the upazila that the boro fields are covered with golden ripe paddy in a wide area. Wherever the eye goes, only the paddy field catches the eye. There is no one sitting at the time of Corona Kalin. Everyone is busy cutting paddy. Some lands were attacked by neck blast disease but not much damage.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Office, the target for the current boro season has been set at 76,440 metric tons of paddy in 25 blocks of 8 unions of the upazila, including the municipality, on about 15,925 hectares of land. At present local farmers are busy harvesting paddy. The Upazila Agriculture Office has given overall advice to the farmers responsibly in the field to protect the crop from diseases and insects.

School teacher of Kalian Para village of the upazila said Taibur Rahman said bumper crop of boro paddy has been harvested this year. The great creator has fulfilled his expectation that Boro has planted paddy in the land this year. However, even if the rice is good, there is no end to the trouble of taking it home. The heat of Boishakh, then the fast of Ramadan. All in all, it is like grinding rice in the house. Talking to Mia, Harun, Mozammel and a few others, it is learned that they are working for Rs 500 to Rs 500 a day.

Nannu Khan, the owner of the mill in Ward 08 of the municipality, said that the new Chikandhan is now being bought for more than one thousand rupees. The coarse varieties of paddy cost around Rs 900 per quintal. However, farmers are extremely happy to get a fair price for paddy in the busy season. He added that farmers will see a substantial share of the profits from boro paddy this year. Farmers are now happy as the yield of paddy is good and the market price is good.

Kirtankhola block, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer. Obaidul Haque Khan said that about 50 per cent of the boro paddy farmers in his block have been able to take the paddy home. Due to the possibility of rain in the next two / three days, the farmers are busy day and night to take the paddy home. However, if the weather is favorable, the farmers will be able to take all their paddy home within this week Upazila Agriculture Officer agriculturist Mohammad Nurul Islam said bumper crop of boro paddy has been harvested in Sakhipur. The weather is also favorable. I hope the farmers will benefit as the prices are good.

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