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In Pirganj, in the project of improving the quality of life of small ethnic groups in the plains – various irregularities

 Mahmudul Hasan, Pirganj (Rangpur): In order to develop the fortunes of the small ethnic groups in the plains, create employment and meet the demand for non-vegetarian food at a cost of Tk 352.03 crore, excluding the three hill districts of Rangamati, Khagrachhari and Bandarban, 29 districts of the plains
 The project will benefit 1 lakh 36 thousand 8 hundred and 35 isolated backward ethnic groups in 210 upazilas.  As a part of this, 75 backward ethnic groups of 6 unions of Pirganj upazila of Rangpur will benefit from this project.
 The unions are Chaitrakol, Baradarga, Madankhali, Tukuria, Bara Alampur, Shanerhat, Panchgachhi and Chatra.  The Pirganj Upazila Livestock Department has been accused of massive irregularities and bribery in the selection of beneficiary families and distribution of package-based grants since the beginning of the implementation of the ‘Integrated Livestock Project aimed at improving the quality of small ethnic groups living in the plains’.  In the case of selecting the beneficiary family, kinship has been done.  Each beneficiary had to pay 8 to 10 thousand rupees to get the package based grant.  The helpless beneficiaries who have failed to pay have been removed from the list.  According to the Livestock Department, the project includes a crossbred goat cow, 125 kg of cow feed, 4 tins, 4 RCC pillars, 190 bricks and 1 signboard.
 According to the victims, the Upazila Livestock Department, without informing the concerned UP chairman or UP member, gave the responsibility to the beneficiary family selection to Augustin Minji, 51, son of Johan Minji of Khalisa (tribal village) village of Chaitrakol Union.  The clever tribal leader ignored all the rules and regulations of the government and excluded the helpless and destitute and enlisted his younger brothers and relatives along with his own name.  The Upazila Livestock Department approves the list of beneficiary families without any supervision or verification.
 A search of the tribal villages of Chilimpur and Khalisha in Chaitrakol Union of the upazila revealed that there were no signboards anywhere, there were cows and no cow-feed was given, there was no plague of constructing cow sheds anywhere again.  Francis Kujur, 30, son of George Kujur, beneficiary of Chilimpur village, Swapan Topya, 42, son of Pius Topyar, Silius Topya, 28, son of Paskal Topyar, Pachkal Topya, son of Mangra Topyar, 30, son of George Kujur of Khalisha village  Minji (40), Budua
 Augustin’s son Benedi Kujur (32), Birsa Kujur’s son Shyamal Kujur (40), Damni Kujur’s son Subal Kujur (32) and Johan Minji’s son Paskal Minji told reporters that tribal leader Augustin Minji told us from the Upazila Livestock Department;  8 to 10
 He took thousands of rupees.  We also used the money to get this package-based grant for the small ethnic groups in the plains provided by the government by selling loans and valuables of the world (video saved).
 Meanwhile, Nirmal Khalko (43), Michael Khalko (45), Michael Khalko (45), wife of Murses Minji, Fatema Rani Hasda, Bhota
 Kerkata’s son Somra Kerkata (45) and Birsa Kerkata (50) have been dropped from the list.
 Agustin Minji, a tribal leader, did not want to talk about it at first, but later admitted to accepting the money.  When asked why the money was taken, he locked his mouth.  Pirganj Upazila Livestock in this regard
 Officer Tajul Islam said, “I am not aware of the issue of money transactions. If anyone complains, legal action will be taken against the culprits.”  Asked whether it was properly supervised, he blamed the office’s manpower crisis.

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