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In Netrokona there is no fake Saimahari without money in Mahafez Khana

Munayem Khan, Netrokona: It has been alleged that people are being harassed in various ways every day when they come to the Netrokona Deputy Commissioner’s Office to collect papers related to land including Saimahari BRS, CS, R and R. Md. Sabuj Mia filed a written complaint on behalf of Anuranjan with the Deputy Commissioner on Monday 09-08-2021. According to the written complaint, the delivery date was 19-11-2020 when the BRS Khatian No. 206 and 441 of Dakshin Sukhari Mouza of Atpara Upazila was submitted to the two BRS Information Service Centers on 09-11-2020. But till now the customer could not take 2 duplicates. Later, the fake recipient Shamsuzzaman Ansari asked Anuranjan to come to Mahafez Khana on Friday 06-08-2021 at 9.30 am.
The fake recipient later demanded bribe money from Anuranjan. Unable to pay, Shamsuzzaman Ansari locked himself in the safe house for a long time. Many more are being harassed. When the fake maker Shamsuzzaman contacted Ansari about this, he denied the allegations against him. When Deputy Commissioner Kazi Md. Abdur Rahman wanted to contact him on the phone, he did not receive the call.

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