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In Kishoreganj,cattle are on the way to oblivion

Md. Latiful Azam, Kishoreganj (Nilphamari): Time goes by and time goes by in this colorful stage theater of the colorful world. And a lot has changed in the course of this period. At the same time, some of its own past traditions are lost.

In the course of the changing times, the plow, yoke, ladder and plowed cows of the farmers of Kishoreganj village of Nilphamari are on the verge of extinction. A few years ago, in Kalevadra, along with the farmer’s yard, the cows of the village were spotted on the metho path of Gao village, but now they are not so visible.

Happiness, sorrow, laughter, tears, life and livelihood, which were once mixed in the holes of the family, are now just a memory. Many old farmers have kept the old tradition plow yoke ladder on the veranda of the house to keep it in the mirror of memory. Everything has changed in the mechanical age.

And the continuation of this change did not exclude the agriculture of the farmers. Due to the inability of technology to keep pace with the times, eco-friendly wooden plows have now been replaced by mill plows. Not only land cultivation, but also planting of paddy seedlings in the land, weeding, fertilizing, spraying of pesticides, cutting and threshing of paddy are being done through modern machinery.

At one time the people of the rural areas called crows and woke up in the morning to see the plow, yoke and the face of the oxen. Now under the domination of machinery, the people of that town are awakened by the sound of tillers, tractors getting noise pollution. The land was plowed for sowing seeds or planting seedlings, and a ladder was used to level the soil.

A man, a pair of bulls and a buffalo were needed to make the agricultural land suitable for cultivation. The plow, yoke, ladder, cow and buffalo are associated with the thousand year history of Bangladesh. According to several local veteran farmers, at one time almost every household in Kishoreganj had cattle rearing. The cows are like a family member.

They were used to cultivate acre after acre of land. The farmer used to plow the land with a pair of oxen, which was fed by eating fresh grass and rice starch, khail, husk etc. But now due to lack of grazing land and rising prices of cow feed, many people have given up raising cows.

Moktar Hossain and Maqbul Hossain, farmers of Kala Paikar Para village in North Durakuti of Bahagili Union of the upazila, said most of them have spent most of their lives with plows, yokes and herds of cattle.

Talking about the long memories of plowing at one time, they said, “I used to take care of plowing since I was a child. Now we are holding on to those old memories and remembering the days of hardships.” At present, tractors are no longer used for plowing with cows.

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