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In Joypurhat farmers troubled with sacrificial cows traders buy cows from house to house

Nazrul Islam, Joypurhat: And only two weeks later the Eid sacrifice. Cattle marketsare closed due to corona virus infection. Cow traders go from house to house and dairy farm and buy some cows. The dairy farm owners and farmers of Joypurhat raise cows at home.At the end of the year they sell them on Eid-ulAdha. Due to the corona virus infection, all the cattle markets, including two big markets in the district are also closed. Cow traders in the district are going home and buying cows and taking them out of the district by trucks.

Farmers say they are not getting the expected price by selling cows at home as there are no huts. They are forced to sell cows at low prices due to financial crisis. Farmer FerozHossain of Hanail village in sadarupazila of the district and Abdul Wares of Dharki village said they sold cows from their homes due to lack of cattle markets. But they did not get the expected price. The traders come home and buy at a lower price. There would have been a chance to sort out market verification if the cattle markets are opened. They are not getting that opportunity this time because the market is closed because of the corona virus infection.

Sahed Ali of Dharki village, who is involved in buying and selling cows every Eid-ulAdha said those involved in cow trading are buying cows from house to house as the markets are closed. They are sending them in trucks to middlemen in Dhaka. Shahed said the price of cows is lower this time than last year.Harunur Rashid of Awalgadi village in Akkelpurupazilaof the district said the traders had been buying cows from their homes in the area for a few days and collecting them in the shade of trees and then taking them by truck.

According to Joypurhat district livestock office there are 5,612 dairy farms in the district, big and small. There are one lakh 1,427 cows are suitable for sacrifice in farms and farmer’s houses. 90,000-95,000 cows will be required for sacrifice in the district this year. Even after sacrificing, 12,000-15,000 cows will remain surplus in the district. This will meet some of the demand for sacrificing cows in various districts outside Joypurhat district.

District livestock officer DrMahfuzarRahman said there is no chance of Indian cows coming. The government and the local administration are in a tough position. Farmers can sell cows at a good price on Eid-ul-Adha. There’s still time to sell cows.

Joypurhat Dairy Farmers Association general secretary and Rajshahi divisional secretary ShadmanAlifRaihan Joy said buyers including farmers are also suffering as cow markets are closed in the district this time. If the cattle markets are open, the buyers and sellers could check and sort the cows and fix the price in market as proportion. But even if a small few cows are sold from home or from dairy farms, they have to sell their cows at a loss. Such an opportunity has not been created to sell cows online in Joypurhat in a broad scale. He has also been forced to sell two cows at a loss. He is worried about the rest.

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