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In Joypurhat 200 people provided employment in a private factory

Nazrul Islam, Joypurhat: In Jaipurhat, Mahmudul Haque, a young unemployed successful entrepreneur who had succeeded in manufacturing sacks of plastic with discarded plastic.  In addition to being self-reliant, his factory employs more than two hundred workers, including helpless widows, abandoned husbands and unemployed youth. All kinds of plastic bags produced here are being supplied to different parts of the country including Joypurhat.

Mahmudul Haque, the founder of this factory, visited China a few years ago and was inspired by factory for women workers there. Returning Bangladesh in 2013, he set up a plastic bag making factory `Haque Bangla Tech’. Starting with just 20 to 25 workers, the factory now employs more than two hundred helpless people. A job has changed people’s lives here.

Zakia Sultana, a factory worker, said, “My daughter-in-law was not alive she used to live with two-child with difficulty. Now we are living a good life working here. Afroza Begum, the other worker, says she has been living in serious inhuman life for 8 months after her husband died four years ago. She says, `My grief over the job here is gone. My daughters are studying now. Now we are fine with that.’  Another worker Rabeya Begum says, `My husband died in a road accident 12 years ago. I was living a miserable life with five daughters in a destitute family as there was no one to work.

Once I get a job in this factory. Now I am able to put two handfuls of food in the mouths of my children. My family has recovered a lot from financial crisis. Worker Sazzad Hossain said, `After passing BA, I was very disappointed that I could not get a job searching for long time. At that time, I got a job in this factory and  got rid of the curse of financial misery.

General Manager of the factory Kazi Maruf says, `our factory produces 60 tons of plastic sacks per month. Everything from chemical yarn making to sacking is done here.  However, big buyers do not want to come here as the factory is located in the remote rural areas of the district. So, the government needs to take urgent steps to export those products abroad.

In the next five years, we will create 500-700 more jobs.Mahmudul Haque, owner of `Haque Bangla Tech’ said, ` I am unemployed myself, so I did not do a job for the unemployed. I took a lot of training in different places. But I could not anything on my own, but I did not get frustrated or give up. Once I saw a factory in China where about 99 per cent of the workers are women. Since then I have decided to set up a plastic bag making factory. At first I started working with only 20-25 workers. But now there are around 200 workers are working in my factory.

Joypurhat Sadar Upazila Nirbahi officer Milton Chandra Roy says, `I have of a factory called `Haque Bangla Tech’ where more than 200 helpless people including widows have been employed. It is an example to the society. It is a completely non-governmental organization. If there is any opportunity to cooperate with the government, we will definitely do it.

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