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In Jalepalli of Paikgacha The Kapataksha is swallowing Houses, plants, roads and crop lands

Purna Chandra Mondal, Paikgacha (khulna): Raruli is a traditional village in the southern part of Khulna.  Here is the birthplace of the world-famous Acharya scientist Sir P.C.Roy. Raruli, the birthplace of the famous scientist  in Kapotaksha, is under threat. The Kapotaksha is swallowing Houses, religious institutions, plants, roads and crop lands.  The tendency of breakage is so extreme that the people of the fishing rural areas on the banks of the Kapotakasha are passing in panic.

It can be said that sleepless night is passing.  Gradually the tide rises in the river and decreases at low tide.  At the same time, the fear of the people living in the countryside is increasing. It is their daily routine. Someone’s house has collapsed, someone’s trees are hanging, part of someone’s almost destroyed  house is hanging.  Someone’s haystack, kitchen and crop fields have been washed away.  Somewhere all the way, Somewhere two or four bricks indicate that there was a road here. Crops are being ruined due to salinity.

If necessary steps are not taken to prevent the immediate erosion, the houses and crop lands of the rest of the families including the roads will be lost in the riverbed.  For this, the locals have sought the immediate intervention of the Prime Minister.

It is learned that after visiting the area and talking to the local victims, Jale Palli is located in Raruli village, Ward 3, Raruli Union, Paikgachha Upazila.  The river Kopotakasha flows by the side of Malopara.  The Kopotaksh river in Malopara has been eroding for nearly 40 years.  at present  there are about a hundred families living there.  As many as 70 houses have been washed away by the river and families  are losing their land and moving elsewhere.

Talking to Minati Biswas, who cooks on a dirt road, she said that her hometown had gone into the river twice before.  At present the kitchen with the land is lost in the demolition.

Barik Moral, a resident of Raruli Ward 3, Abdus Sattar Sana said they have changed houses five times so far.  This time, if the house collapses into the river, he will have no place to go.

  Abdur Rashid Gazi, Subhash said that for more than 40 years, the collapse of the coop in Malopara area has continued.  Necessary steps have not been taken to prevent the breach even after making demands for a long time.Sukanta, Subhash, Monindra, Monindra of Malopara Prashant, Kali, Gautam Biswas said that every time the people’s representatives visit the rupture but no action is taken to prevent the rupture.  He has changed houses 3 times.  If it breaks now, there will not be noway.

Such Malopara Manoranjan Biswas, Uttam Biswas, Tapan Biswas, Babu Biswas, Pawan Biswas, Ratan Biswas, Amal Biswas, Sukumar Biswas have all changed their houses 1 to 2 times.  They will have no place to build new houses on the banks of the river where they live.
Mostaq Ahmed, Sukant Biswas, said that measures have been taken to prevent erosion by filling sand bags in 30/40 feet of the area affected by last year’s erosion.  But the breakdown continues as the rest is not done.  Residents of Malopara have drawn the attention of a senior official of the Water Development Board to take necessary steps to prevent the breakage.

In this regard, Md. Jahan Ali, UP member of Ward 3 of Raruli Union, said that last year the allocation of geo-bags was taken through Mr. MP to prevent breakage.  But it was not possible to prevent the breakdown of Malopara as the contractor did a little work and left without doing the rest.

Local chairman Abdul Majid Goldar said, “We have repeatedly drawn the attention of higher officials to prevent the erosion of the Kopotaksh river in Malopara.”  But no permanent steps have yet been taken to prevent the rupture. What has been done is not possible in the depths of the breakdown.

Dr. Kawsar Ali, President of sir P.C.Roy Smriti Sangsad, said,
People who have lost their homes due to the catastrophic collapse of Kopotaksh are living inhumane lives in different places.  Tidal water, heavy rains are flooding the area.  Mr. MP, Upazila Chairman, UNO have visited the area at different times.  They helped, repaired by sandbags, piling, including the distribution of food.  But the current situation is such that these are no longer enough. Massive currents, 5/6 hundred houses will be destroyed if the road breaks down in the rainy season.  Raruli village will be deleted from the map.

Regarding whether any action will be taken to prevent the erosion, Farid Uddin, Deputy Engineer of WDB, said that in the last 2018-19 financial year, Tk 23 lakh was allocated for 290 meters of erosion area and in 2019-20 financial year, Tk 22 lakh was allocated for 60 meter area.  With which the sand -filled geo bag has been thrown.  Demand has been given to protect the dam permanently and work will be done if money is received.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer ABM Khalid Hossain Siddique said, “We have visited the Kopotaksha river breakage area at Malopara in Raruli.”  The prevalence of fractures is acute.
I have informed the SO of the Water Development Board to take necessary steps in this regard.

  Residents of the ruptured area of ​​Raruli Jale Palli on the Kopotaksha River have sought the immediate intervention of the Prime Minister to take effective measures including sustainable embankment, rehabilitation of the victims of the erosion and test relief.

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