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In Habiganj city, the rent of Tomtom has not been maintained for 5 months

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj: Habiganj is becoming a city of suffering due to traffic jams due to illegal tomtoms and autorickshaws. And there is no one to reduce the people’s confidence. Approved in the name of civic service, Tomtom has now become a poison for the townspeople. An influential syndicate is controlling the movement even though the municipality has approved it. According to the rules, the municipality allows the movement of rickshaws, wheelbarrows and other small vehicles in the city and they also fix the fare. But in the case of Tomtom, the picture is different.

The syndicate tried several times during the tenure of former resigned mayor GK Gauch, but failed to do so due to his strong stance. So the rent was then determined by the municipality. Tomtom’s registration fee was then Rs 2,000. But when GK Gauch resigned, Mizanur Rahman Mizan became the mayor for about 19 months after winning the by-election. During his tenure, the former influential syndicate became stronger. Those who tempt or mislead the mayor in various ways to increase the registration fee of Tomtom. And as an excuse, they started to manipulate the rent of Tomtom to 10 rupees.

And this opportunity comes at the time of the epidemic. Nationally, when public transport fares were increased across the country, the syndicate also reduced the fare of Tomtom to Tk 10 in small towns like Habiganj. The people accepted it because of Corona. But from September 1 last year, when the public transport fare was reduced nationally and the previous fare was maintained, the syndicate started charging Tk 10 instead of reducing the fare of Tomtom in Habiganj city. Using the name of Mayor Mizanur Rahman. Although the local and national newspapers reported about this more than once, the municipality did not take action due to mysterious reasons.

What’s in it? The syndicate used the opportunity. They formed an association with Kathith and listed the fares as their own. According to the fare list, direct fare from Shayestanagar Bazar to Chowdhury Bazar and from Chowdhury Bazar to Municipal Bus Stand is Tk 10 and to Thana Mor and Modak is Tk 5, for students it is Tk 5.
In reality, different pictures have been seen. Tomtom drivers are taking 10 rupees from the city’s Shaistanagar traffic point, CNG stand, Chirakhana road, in front of the municipality, even if it is in the middle of the road. If not, he is using vulgar language with the passengers. According to them, 5 rupees will be kept if you go from the police station to the market according to the list. It was seen on the spot that according to their list, 5 rupees was supposed to be kept from the students but 10 rupees is being taken from the students from Shaistanagar.

There is no end to the criticism. Citizens demand that the rent of Tomtom inside the municipal area should be 5 rupees. Their opinion is to reduce the number of illegal tomtoms and reduce the registration fee if necessary. Even then the rent is 5 rupees. In this small town, if you rent a tomtom for Rs. They have to count more by paying extra 5 rupees. For them, the Rs 10 tomtom fare seems to have become a ‘blow to the head’. According to the investigation, the battery-powered autorickshaw tomtom, known as eco-friendly, has been operating in Habiganj municipal town since 2010. Since its inception, a cycle has been using the tomtom bought by poor unemployed youths at easy prices as an easy way to extort crores of rupees.

It is known that the ring has been operating in the city of 5/6 thousand tomtoms for the last 10 years, in the name of illegal organizations fabricated by selfish extortionist forces, in various ways.
Memorandums have been issued against them along with the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police many times. There was no solution. Tactically, extortion is going on by electing leaders of different people of the same cycle. Various influential leaders and some people’s representatives are giving strength behind them.

The biggest extortion in the last one year has been in Tomtom, which is completely illegal. In the language of the locals, Tomtom has taken over every street in the city. The situation is as if it is the city of Tomtom. Tomtom is now a big cause of locals’ ‘headaches’. There are so many tomtoms in the city, you have to look for alleys to drive rickshaws. Apart from this, power outage is increasing in Habiganj city due to charging. There are power outages more than once a day. Considering the overall aspect, he demanded action against it.

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