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In Gazipur, MP Samsunnahar Bhuiyan and the police Decision to exclude all news

Gazipur Correspondent: In front of Gazipur Press Club Attacks by miscreants on journalists during the program, women Although a case was filed with the police station for insulting the journalist, it was an entry.

Samsunnahar, a Member of Parliament for the non-reserved and reserved women’s seat 24 in the case of threats to journalists by the MP’s brother Excluding all their news if not judged within hours
Professional journalists of Gazipur have decided. Sunday

Organized by Gazipur Press Club at the club premises The announcement was made by Gazipur Press Club from the protest rally President Mahjarul Islam Masum. He said the UN To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced.

Last time Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was declared a ‘crown jewel’ Ananda Samabesh organized by Preklab on 29th September
Led by two councilors of the City Corporation Attacks on journalists took place. Sadar is the same day after this incident.

When a statement was filed with the police station, even though 4 days had passed The statement has not yet been accepted by the police as a case. That day One of the brothers of Samsunnahar’s brother threatened the journalists in various waysGave.

The attackers were Councilor Jabed Ali Jabe, Shahjahan. Saju and Dial Milon led by the Father of the Nation and the Prime Minister
Banners with pictures were torn down and during the Father of the Nation’s speech Mike vandalizes. The professional journalists working in the district Sometimes there is anger.

So journalists are forced to be protected. Samsunnahar Vaiya, Member of Parliament for Women Gazipur Metropolitan Police boycotted all kinds of news Was announced. Gazipur Press Club President Mazharul Presided over by Islam Masum and vice-president by Aminul Islam.

The general secretary of the press club addressed the gathering
Shah Samsul Haque Ripon, former general secretary Delwar
Hossain, M. Nazrul Islam, journalist Mahmuda Sikder, Journalist Nazrul Islam Azhar and others.

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