September 20, 2021, 2:25 am

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In Gaibandha, the price of raw chillies is very high and the price of vegetables is unchanged

Asaduzzaman from Gaibandha: The price of chilli is going beyond the purchasing power of low income people. The price of chilli in Gaibandha has increased 10 times in a week. On Saturday, raw chillies are being sold at Tk 200 per kg in different markets of Gaibandha. Which was 20 taka per kg last week. On the other hand, the price of vegetables remained unchanged. Regarding the unusual increase in the price of raw chilli, Dildar, a pepper trader in Puranbazar, said that the price of chilli has gone up due to low import in the market.

A week ago, the price of chilli was Rs 20. Sabuj Mia, a chilli farmer in Kamarjani area, said that the chilli trees had died due to the severe drought. At present there is no pepper in my field. It has been seen that in different markets of Gaibandha, karla is being sold at Rs. 30, brinjal top at Rs. 20, patal at Rs. 20, shrimp at Rs. 20, dheras at Rs. 30, sweet pumpkin at Rs. The price was the same last week. Ujjal Kumar, a raw trader at Hawkers Market, said the price of chilli was Rs 20 last week. At present, the price of green chillies has been increased to Rs 200.

Deputy Director of Gaibandha Agriculture Extension Department Masudur Rahman said, this time Kharif-1 variety of chilli has been cultivated in 60 hectares of land in Gaibandha district. Pepper is mainly produced in winter. Monsoon production is low. Pepper production has declined due to untimely death of chilli plants due to drought, hot sun and extreme heat for some time. That is why the price of pepper has gone up. If you plant pepper plants in tubs in every house, there will be no shortage of pepper.


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