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In Dhalai river of Kamalganj, the environment of sand extraction is ruined

Kamalganj /Moulvibazar/ Correspondent:

Irregular and unplanned extraction of sand from the Dhalai River, the country’s potential natural resource, is threatening river bridges, houses and dams. Arable agricultural land is being destroyed. There is a serious threat to the environment, environment and public life.

Locals of Kamalganj Upazila are uneasy about the loud noise of illegally extracting sand by adding pipes to the bomb machine at the bend of Dhalai river. The administration has become helpless to extract sand from an influential quarter.

It can be seen on the ground that sand extraction has been going on for a long time near the old bridge of Dhalai river adjacent to the Rajkandi forest range office. After illegally extracting sand in two bomb machines, a huge pile of land is being piled up and sold by truck. Local sand miners are claiming to be leased. However, the Dhalai Bridge and the Rajkandi Forest Range Office are collapsing in the face of threats due to the extraction of sand with a bomb machine in violation of the terms of the Balumahal lease. Moreover, the locals are getting restless due to the loud noise of the machine. On Madhabpur Road of the upazila, sand extraction is going on in several places with bomb machines. With the addition of machines, pipes are being laid and sand is being piled up in the surrounding lands and sold by truck. An influential local syndicate is extracting and selling sand in Mahal Dedarse. Sand extraction is going on in Dhalaipar, Madhabpur, Chaitraghat, Dharmapur, Mrittinga areas of Rahimpur Union.

In Dharmapur village area of ​​Rahimpur union, some houses are on the way to disappear in the river due to sand extraction by sand bomb machine. Illegal sand extraction is going on in multiple bomb machines on the east side of Dhalai river steel bridge on Miringa road. As a result, houses, agricultural lands, bridges and river dams are under threat in many places. No one is able to protest for fear of influential quarters.

On condition of anonymity, some residents of the old bridge area of ​​Dhalai river, Dhalaipar and Dharmapur said that the sand miners are local influential quarters. Can’t speak against them. The administration has also become helpless. Can’t take any action. As a result, sand is being extracted from the river by bombs and dredgers near the river bridge, under the embankment and near the houses. And we are restless with loud noise in these machines all day long.

Ibunghar Shyamal, Union Assistant Land Officer of Kamalganj Land Office, said sand is being extracted on lease. However, the bomb machine, the bottom of the dam and the sand near the bridge, claiming that the sand is not correct, saying that a few people are gathering here to extract sand.

Sylhet Divisional Coordinator of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) Ed. Shah Shaheda Akhter said sand extraction up to one kilometer of the bridge and sand extraction on bomb machines are prohibited by law. As the Dhalai river is relatively small, the noise of sand extraction with the addition of machines will cause damage to the public as well as the environment. For this the concerned administration needs to take action.

Kamalganj Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Sumaiya Akhter said, “Actually, I am new here.” However, if you are not aware of sand mining, it will be difficult to protect the environment. A few days ago I also raided a place on the Dhalai river. He also said that he would look into the matter of lifting in other places.

In this regard, Kamalganj Upazila Nirbahi Officer Ashekul Haque said, the sand mahal of Dhalai river has been leased. However, sand cannot be extracted from the side of the bridge and under the embankment. I will take action.

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