October 17, 2021, 10:41 pm

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In Daulatdia of Goalanda, a huge water lily fish weighing 12 pounds has been caught in the net of the river Padma

Sheikh Momin: In Daulatdia of Goalanda upazila, a huge water lily fish weighing 12 pounds has been caught in the net of the river Padma. The fish has been sold for lakhs of rupees. A fisherman named Babu Sardar caught the fish from the Padma River near Daulatdia Ferry Ghat No. 7 around 8 am on Sunday.

Babu Sardar said, I throw nets in the river Padma for fishing like every day. I felt a lot of weight when I cast the net near the ferry in the morning. Then I realized that a huge fish had been caught. Later I took the fish in the boat with some people. Then I give the fish to the storekeeper for sale.

Daulatdia fish storekeeper said. Rezaul Islam brought the fish to Kuti Mandal, the storekeeper of Rajbari’s Bara Bazar, for sale at around 11pm. Hundreds of people gathered there to see the fish.

Rezaul Islam said the fish weighed about 12 pounds. I sold it at Kuti Mandal, a fish warehouse in the big market of Rajbari, for eight thousand rupees. Then he sold the fish for some profit. The age of the fish will be at least 30 years.

Kshir Mohan Biswas has been working in the fish market of Rajbari for several decades. He said the fish is very tasty. About 20 years ago, such a fish came up in this market. Then I cut the fish. It was good to see such a big fish after many days.

Goalanda Upazila Fisheries Officer. Rezaul Sharif said such fish are not commonly found in the Padma river. However, this fish is not popular, so the price is low. Such fish are usually caught in fashion, dashan, kauna, kachal and chakawala ghaila nets.

Incidentally, the English name of this fish is Stingray fish and the scientific name is Himanturaimbricata. The fish live at the confluence of rivers and seas. However, there are 12-13 species of this fish in the big rivers of Bangladesh. Locally it is called Shaplapata, Shakush and Housepata fish.

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