May 17, 2022, 4:20 am

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Illegal battery-powered autorickshaw tomtom is running in Majortila of Sylhet, traffic jam!

Sylhet Representative /

Starting from Islampur Majortila stand of Khadimpara union of Sylhet, Shahparan Rah. The battery-powered autorickshaw tomtom is running openly up to the shrine gate. The administration is not monitoring the situation.

There are allegations that some unscrupulous traffic policemen are being manipulated and all these autorickshaws are running rampant. The risk of accidents is increasing. The road is congested from morning till afternoon. Passengers are stuck in traffic for hours. Similarly, various cargo vehicles also came to a halt. However, the highest fees are charged to students studying in schools, colleges, madrasas and universities. Even if the operation is carried out only once or twice a week, the administration does not pay any attention to it later. Also Shahjalal Rah. A gas-powered autorickshaw CNG was parked in front of the high school with a sari tied. Seeing the overflowing crowd of people, it seems as if it is an unknown vegetable market. However, some of the traffic police officers in charge of the CMP are working to reduce traffic congestion. But for some mysterious reason, the illegal battery-powered autorickshaw Tomtom is not stopping. Gas-powered autorickshaws (four-stroke) CNGs are not being moved from the front of the school. Like the rest of the country, there was a transport strike in Sylhet last Saturday-Sunday. This also had no effect on the city’s Majortila stand. The Majortila stand, which was full of traffic on that day, can be seen on the ground. Similarly Shahparan Rah. The traffic jam was also at the Mazar Gate stand. Port market area of ​​Ayen city. To get rid of this, the locals have sought the attention of the higher authorities of the administration.

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