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‘If Khaleda Zia is out, there will be no talk of Awami League government’

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BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “Medical treatment of party chairperson Khaleda Zia is not possible in the country.” There is no standard hospital in the country for the treatment of the diseases he suffers from. The government has imprisoned Khaleda Zia for fear of her popularity. If Khaleda Zia is out, there will be no talk of Awami League government. ‘

He said this while addressing a memorial meeting organized by Afsar Ahmed Siddiqui Memorial Foundation on the occasion of the 20th death anniversary of late BNP vice chairman Afsar Ahmed Siddiqui at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity on Wednesday. Mirza Fakhrul also alleged that the government was not allowing Khaleda Zia to seek treatment abroad.

Contradicting the statement of the general secretary of the Awami League, the BNP general secretary said, “Obaidul Quader has said that we are seeing a colorful dream. And what are you watching? You are having nightmares – this BNP has come, this BNP has come, this is our power gone – you are having this nightmare. ‘

Highlighting the situation in the country, Mirza Fakhrul said to the party leaders and workers, “We have to get out of this situation in the country. We can’t stand here stunned. If not. This meeting will not be. Organize now, unite, do not slander one another. We have to unite and give a push. Satyajit Ray’s diamond is like the king’s land – pull the rope, the king will be Khan Khan. You have to pull the rope, the king has to eat and throw. There is also no alternative. As long as they are in power, they will continue to harm the people of our country. ‘

Complaining that the ruling party is involved in laundering money of customers in the name of e-commerce, he said, the ruling party of Awami League is involved in this. I saw a picture of an e-commerce person with the head of government. These deceitful people who are standing by the side of power and cutting the pockets of the people and making them destitute are at the behest of the government.

Regarding the country’s economy, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “Our banking system has become completely hollow.” Nothing. Absolutely empty, absolutely completely looted. Every bank is in danger today. If you talk to bankers – see what they talk about. Brother will say it’s all over. A big economist says that in this country, those who keep money in the bank or are involved in banking are the most affected. Every bank is in a state of bankruptcy. That is people’s money. No one gets loan from the bank except the people of Awami League. The people of Awami League are the directors. To take a loan of Tk 10 crore, one has to pay a bribe of Tk 5 crore. And you don’t have to return 5 crore rupees. Because his debt has been ordered by Awami League. So even if you do not return. They went abroad to build a house in Begumpara, Canada, and went to Malaysia to build a second house. In this country it is happening extremely. He remarked that the present government has created a situation like ‘Bargis’.

BNP Vice Chairman Shamsuzzaman Dudu, Chairperson’s Adviser Abdus Salam, Mass Education Affairs Secretary Principal Selim Bhuiyan, Co-Organizing Secretary Aninder Khan, Co-Organizing Secretary Pramukh spoke.

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