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‘Ideal and service oriented social welfare organization’ next to the helpless in Sreepur

 Abusayed Sreepur (Gazipur): Approved by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Sreepur, Ideal and Service Oriented Social Welfare Organization has been carrying out several public service works in the past including distribution of emergency services and relief to the poor, helpless, disabled and unemployed families.  Ideal and Service Social Welfare Organization, it is a non-political and non-profit voluntary organization service.
Our main goal and objective is to preserve and establish service to people of all walks of life with the cooperation of all.  Hon’ble Minister of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mr. Muhammad Nuruzzaman Ahmed MP visited the organization.  Officially, at the Gazipur Deputy Commissioner’s Office, this is the first time that the National Social Services Department has received a check for a grant of Tk 40,000 from a government social service organization.
 Mr. Mohammad Ali B.Com, Founder President of Adarsh ​​O Seva Mulak Samaj Kalyan Sangstha, Member of Awami League Central Sub-Committee, said that he was very proud to be able to serve the people.  Basically, those who serve humanity with this purpose in mind are the real people.  A person can achieve the satisfaction of Allah only through real public service.  Wants to gain people’s respect and love.  And those people who have served humanity beyond all greed, lust, money lust, they have been in the heart of man for ages.
Everyone respects and loves him, regardless of party affiliation.  A person can attain the pleasure of Allah not only through the satisfaction of man but also through righteous deeds.  Moreover, those who are such liberal real people are great human beings.  A great human being is always endowed with the virtues of kindness, forgiveness, humility, simplicity, righteousness, self-control and honesty.  Mr. Mohammad Ali B.Com, a benevolent, just man, a businessman with the qualities of the time and the best brave child of the time, a skilled organizational political scientist, a human and social worker, a peddler of humanity, a persuader of the young generation in the promise of service, a dedicated public leader.  The main goal of my social service is to solve the problems of the people of my upazila by sharing their happiness and sorrow.
He is involved in various social, cultural, social development and literary organizations at home and abroad.  He is constantly working towards social service for the purpose of providing more services.  Lastly, he wishes all the best for the cooperation and good advice in the future to move forward in a reliable, well-organized social, religious and developmental way in a better way.

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