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I live with always Corona Lab Technician Habibur Rahman

Belal Hossain Riaz, Comilla: Every day I collect samples of corona test of one or two hundred people. Besides, I used to test Kovit-19 in the corona unit of Comilla Medical College Hospital two days a week. At present I do these tests at Nangalkot Upazila Health Complex. In the meanwhile I myself became infected with corona. I don’t know when the time goes by while doing these things all the time. I don’t even show it to my family members for fear. In this way I am living with Corona and will have to live in the future. As long as I am in the job, I have to work in the service of the people. Habibur Rahman, a lab technician at Nangalkot Upazila Health Complex in Comilla, said this.

He further said that after completing his studies, he joined the job as a lab technician in 2001. Initially he worked in Chittagong Direct Office, later in Feni Daganbhuiyan Upazila Health Complex. I was transferred from the latest Laksam Upazila Health Complex to Nangalkot Upazila Health Complex in November 2016.

Corona was very scared at first. I work in fear. I was infected with corona on May 24, 2020. I thought I would die. Later, according to the advice of the Upazila Health Officer Dr. Dev Das Dev, he recovered by taking medicine and walking.

So far, we have collected samples of 4,525 corona patients. Don’t be afraid now. The government is providing many services besides vaccination. I follow regular hygiene rules. I go out wearing a mask. Corona epidemics can be prevented only if we are aware.

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