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Human chain in Patuakhali demanding removal of the director of Lutheran Healthcare

Patuakhali Correspondent: Pius Chherao, executive director of Lutheran Health Care in Dumki upazila of Patuakhali, and his associates demanded the removal of his associates. In this regard, the employees are holding human rights and protest programs at different times demanding removal of the executive director. It is learned that medical services were started at Lutheran Hospital in 1998 in Dumki upazila of Patuakhali. For a long time, the activities of the hospital were going on with good reputation. Since Pius left as executive director, the hospital seems to be on the rise. Allegations of drug use while sitting in a guest house were not dropped against him.

Juthika Mandal, a nurse at the hospital, said, “I have been working at the hospital with good reputation, but apart from Debit Ghosh and Pius, the seasonal growth has completely ruined the hospital.” Apart from Pius, a woman is also greedy. He called the on-duty nurses to his private room. Executive Director Pius Chherao also told me that there is no need for work, we are getting money from America. There is no need for your duty but he offers to go to my guest house many times. I did not respond to his offer so I was threatened at various times.

Several employees of the hospital, who did not want to be named, said that no matter if it was day or night, nine of them were always towards women. He is a bad man. He has no skills to run the organization. Lutheran Hospital is an old and well-known institution in Patuakhali. But he could not maintain its reputation. Apart from the administration’s Debit Ghosh and Rekha, Pius has also turned the hospital into an arena of corruption. We want to get rid of this situation in the hospital.

According to the hospital staff, two trucks took the goods to the hospital at night. We have endured the persecution of Pius Cherao and his associates for a long time and now our backs are against the wall. We want to get rid of Executive Director Pius and bring his perpetrators to justice. She is a woman greedy. He has made the institution the epitome of corruption. The executive director is corrupt, so who will tell us about our grief? We are under threat. We demand its removal.

Attempts were made to contact Lutheran Health Care Executive Director Pius Chherao on his mobile phone (01715158102) but he could not be reached for comment.
Chairman of the Executive Board. Helen Rema’s phone (01715038750) was switched off and she could not be reached for comment.

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