May 18, 2022, 3:22 pm

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Houses with market in Sunamganj flooded due to hill slope

Sunamganj Representative :

Heavy rains and landslides in Sunamganj have flooded Mangalkata Bazar in Sadar upazila and surrounding villages. Fish from 30 ponds in the area have been washed away in the flood waters. Today, Tuesday morning, suddenly a huge amount of mountain slopes from upstream. The Mangalkata market in the border area and the surrounding areas were flooded.

Local residents and market traders said it has been raining in Sunamganj since last Sunday. Due to this, the hill slope is coming down from the upper reaches. It also rained heavily on Monday night. This morning, the embankment of Dhalai river near Mangalkata market broke due to the pressure of the flood water. After that, Mangalkata market, surrounding roads and village houses were flooded. At the same time at least 30 fish from the pond were washed away.

Market traders say that when there is more rain in Cherrapunji on the other side of the border at this time of the year, there is a hill slope. For the last few days, the slope has been falling. But this morning suddenly called the massive slope. The breakage of the embankment and the entry of water into the market has damaged the goods of many shops. Many people could not remove the goods from the shop due to the rapid downpour.

Burhan Uddin Chowdhury, general secretary of the Mangalkata market management committee, said in the afternoon that there was more water in the morning. There is still knee-deep water in the market. Many shops did not get water. Hundreds of shops have been flooded. Many have been affected.

Kamal Hossain, a resident of Mangalkata village, said fish from at least 30 ponds in the area had been washed away by the hill slope. The fish farmers have suffered huge losses. In the morning, before I understand anything, the water of the slope comes out. Ahid Mia of the same village said that about 50 houses in the village were flooded. This has damaged the furniture of the house. Those who have earthen floors in their houses are more in trouble.

Mukshed Ali, chairman of the local Jahangirnagar Union Parishad (UP), said, ‘The hill slope is named every year. But this time it has come down to a greater extent. The problem has become more due to the breaking of the embankment. We are investigating the victims. I have also informed the administration officials about the matter. ‘

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