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Homes of helpless families in Kendua were vandalized and threatened with death

Kishore Sharma-Kendua (Netrokona): Mohsin Gangra of Nayapara Chowkidhara village in Mozafarpur union of Kendua upazila of Netrokona threatened to vandalize and kill Anchu Mia’s house.

It was learned on the spot at 4 pm on Saturday, November 8, that there was a dispute with the attackers over the location of the occupied house. They filed a case in the wise Joint District Judge’s Court, 2nd Court, Netrokona in the name of the father-uncle of the attacker as they did not get a rural arbitrator as they belonged to a helpless family in the middle of the village. Case No. 19/2018. As the case is pending, the wise court is scheduled to appear on Wednesday, November 4, so the judge went to the Netrokona Judge’s Court to appear.

To seize the opportunity, the assailants, armed with sharp rams, rods and sticks, beat up Jamila Khatun, the wife of the owner of the house, at around 1.30 am and tied her hands and feet. Dried peppers, home-grown vegetables, bamboo mats, potato seeds, gold necklaces, earrings, and cash worth about two and a half million rupees.

Injured Jamila Khatun said, “My husband Anchu Mia and son Jasim came to our house on the occasion of going to the court to appear in the case. They tied my hands and feet, beat me and looted all the belongings in the house.”
Goes and breaks down the house and threatens to kill anyone in our family.

Meanwhile, the complainant Anchu Mia said, “I got more than 9 percent of the land in the house of the attacker Mohsin and the land of Mohsin Gangra in my house is above 6 percent. There has been a long-running dispute over that.” Mohsin Gangra never wants to accept the decision to change the arbitral tribunal of the village.

For which I had filed a case in the wise court and when he went to the Netrokona Judge’s Court to appear, he found an empty house, tied up my wife, beat her, looted her belongings and threatened to kill her.

Asked about this to the investigation officer of Kendua police station, he said, “I have received a complaint from the police station about the vandalism of a house in Chowkidhara village. The investigation is underway.

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