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History of Bangladesh in sand sculpture on Kuakata beach


Anower Hossain Anu, Kalapara (Patuakhali): This is the first time that a sand sculpture is being made with sand on the beach of the tourist center Kuakata. In the meantime, the figure of Bangabandhu’s Verskaya has been painted in the sand in the middle of the map in Bangladesh. On one side is the scene of the procession in the language movement and the realization of 7 points. Besides the background of the freedom fighters on the other side.

And I wrote my name with blood written in sand, I want Sonar Bangla, Joy Bangla, my mother’s language, state language Bangla. This ‘sand sculpture’ has been constructed on the beach 100 yards east of Kuakata Zero Point to celebrate Bangabandhu’s birthday and national child and birth centenary at the initiative of Patuakhali District Police. Six students of the Fine Arts Department of Khulna and Rajshahi University started the construction work of the sculpture from last Tuesday (March 9).

Tourists and visitors are flocking to see the sculptural work on the beach. According to the sculptors, the history of the liberation war in 1971 from the 52 language movement including the sculpture of Bangabandhu is about 40 feet long and 6 feet wide. The sand sculpture will be inaugurated on March 16. That is why they are working day and night in a relentless manner. Tourist Sima Akhter, who came to Kuakata from Dhaka’s Banasree, said she comes here every year.

What I have seen before is ruined. This time I came and saw the sculpture of the liberation war being made with sand on the beach. I like it very much. From this the new generation will be able to know a lot. And visitors to the beach will be delighted to see this sculpture. However, he said that it would have been better if the sculpture had been made permanent. The president of Kuakata Press Club said that the sculptures that are being made have highlighted the context of 52 language movements, 6 points of 6, mass movement of 69, liberation war of 71. Since the sculpture of Bangabandhu was made on the beach of Kuakata, local students including tourists will be able to know about the history of Bangabandhu and the struggle of the movement.

Will realize Bangabandhu. Besides, you will be able to know about the history of Bangabandhu and Bangladesh. Sunny Kumar Das Niloy, a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Khulna University, said, “On the birth centenary of Bangabandhu, eight students from Rajshahi and Khulna University are working day and night to build this sculpture.” With Bangabandhu at the center, all the history of Bangladesh from the language movement to the 6-point victory is being highlighted in this sculpture.

Anupam Kar, a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Rajshahi University, the head of the sculptor-making team, said, “Six students have started this work since last Tuesday at the initiative of Patuakhali District Police Superintendent.

” Hopefully the construction work will be completed in time. In this regard, Patuakhali Superintendent of Police Mohammad Shahidullah PPM said the sculpture would be inaugurated on March 16 on the occasion of Bangabandhu’s birthday and National Children’s Day. It will be open to locals, including tourists, until March 26, he told reporters.

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