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Hilsa Sanctuary is famous- Alleged sale of divers in Andharamanik river

Anower Hossain Anu, Kalapara (Patuakhali): A gang has sold at least seven and a half acres of land in the sub-division of Sonatala mouza of Andharamanik river in Kalapara of Patuakhali, known as the sanctuary and breeding ground of Hilsa. The cycle created a huge amount of land in the river range by managing the local land office, creating fake settlement cases, SA ledgers, dags, signature stamps, name corrections, BS and DP ledgers. The 47-year-old land development tax was collected and the rent was paid by the tehsildar. And the Sub-Registrar registers two sub-kabla documents without verification selection. thus, even though the state property is valuable, the concerned authorities are not taking action against them for mysterious reasons. On the contrary, with the help of local land authorities, these lands are constantly being used.

It has been learned on the spot that the country’s famous hilsa breeding center, the Andarmanik, was submerged in the river several years ago. The greedy eyes fell on a local organized fraud ring. Ambiya Khatun, daughter of late Umar Ali Khan, daughter of Montaz Uddin Mridha of Tulatli village in the upazila, made settlement papers for seven and a half acres of land against fake settlement cases 44K / 52-53 and 50K / 6-7 in collaboration with the VM office. In the name of Schedule of which is Sonatala Mouza No. 23 under Kalapara, Khatian No. SA-591/1, Annual Rent Mong 26/50 paisa, Dag No. 18/118 and 116, Total land is 6.50 acres, which is in the seat No. 2 of SA of Sonatala Mouza. SA 117/116 spot of Andharamanik river.

In contrast, 3922 and 3923 BS spots are created. The investigation further revealed that SA 591/1 Khatian and 18/116 and 116 marks did not exist in the registrar of Khas Khatian in the office of the Assistant Commissioner, Kalapara. But in the middle of the registrar of the settlement case ledger of the surveyor branch, at the beginning of Sonatala mouza, white paper glue is affixed and in the name of Ambia Khatun, there are exactly 591/1 ledgers and 18/116 and 116 spots. Besides, a signature pamphlet dated 11-10-16 has been created by forging the signature of Md. Mahbubul Islam, Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate in charge of Record Room Branch of Patuakhali Collectorate Office.

And BS Hand Pamphlet dated 25-09-06, created by forging the signature of Md. Monirul Islam, Objection Officer, Diyara Settlement Operation, Barisal. Land Sub-Assistant Officer of Nilganj Union Mosa: Tania Akhter Mukta 08-05-19 Land Development Tax Payment Receipt (G-164430) with 1369 to 1425 years of land development tax together with rent filing in the name of Ambia Khatun Provided. In this context, the author of the document dated 09-05-19 Abdullah Al Mamun (Certificate No. 64) 2052/19 No. Md. Rafiqul Islam (Certificate No. 08) 2053/19 The land in the submerged Andharmanik river by writing two separate sub-kabla documents and edited the registry.

Salman Ahmed, Managing Director on behalf of Ambia Khatun, the donor of the said document and YK Z Construction Solutions Ltd., the recipient. Nazir Mihir Kumar of Kalapara VM Office said that there is no existence of SA 591/1 Khatian and 18/116 and 116 in the Registrar No. 1 of VM Office. Surveyor Md. Humayun Kabir said, I don’t know anything about this. Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate Diplomacy Chakma, who is in charge of the Patuakhali Records Branch, said there was no such record in the record branch. No such signature pamphlet was provided by the record branch. Sukhendra Shekhar Sarkar, charge officer of the Barisal Settlement Office, said the BS Khatian and DP mentioned were not correct.

In this regard, Nilganj Union VM Deputy Assistant Officer Mosa: Tania Akhter Mukta said that there is no existence of SA 591/1 Khatian and 16/116 and 116 dags of Sonatala mouza in the office registrar. Many people came to know that no such ledger was opened. Besides, I can’t say at the moment whether the rent has been paid without seeing the number and copy of the submission. Sub-Registrar Kawsar Khan (currently working at two and a half thousand stations in Narayanganj) said, “I don’t have a chance to see anyone committing counterfeiting. I registered after seeing the rent submitted by the tehsildar. Kalapara Assistant Commissioner (VM) Jagatbandhu Mandal said the surveyors of the concerned branches are on leave. I can’t say anything about it without knowing the matter. Kalapara Upazila Nirbahi Officer Abu Hasnat Mohammad Shahidul Haque said the sub-registrar would be asked to cancel the deed if it was not properly settled. Besides, necessary steps will be taken after checking the documents of the land office.

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