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He intervention of higher authorities Trying to give ‘ripe paddy ladder’ in Jaintapur for not paying tribute!

Sylhet Representative: Abdul Khalik, a son of a hardworking peasant family, is not able to pick ripe paddy at home after being caught by miscreants in Jaintapur, Sylhet. In this situation, he is worried about the ripe paddy in the field. The owner of the land is in dire straits as he is not able to harvest ripe paddy by cultivating paddy on about 3.77 acres of Seek tland. Which is called ‘ladder on ripe paddy’.

It is learned that Abdul Khalik, son of late Barkat Ullah of Farfara village in Jaintapur upazila, has been making a living by cultivating paddy on 3.77 acres of land owned by him. In the meantime he was in exile for about 9 years. On that occasion, some influential miscreants of the local area were trying to seize the land at an inopportune time.

Whenever he went to cultivate paddy or plant saplings, the landowners would forbid him to cultivate paddy. Besides, while harvesting paddy, the miscreants were actually demanding large sums of money. Even now, the rogue terrorists are trying to extort money from him in the same way. He is living an inhuman life for fear of them.

In the end, the matter has now reached the court stage. The police are playing the role of spectators for mysterious reasons even though they want the cooperation of the police. Although section 144 is still in force, including multiple lawsuits, the extortionists are turning a blind eye to the law.

Former expatriate Abdul Khalik is in dire straits. He turns to the law, but the reality is different.

It is learned that the search was carried out at Khatin Bujarat No. 338, JL No. 107, Safa 61, Shukainpur Mouza of Darbast Union No. 4 of the upazila. Khatian’s Settlement Survey 227, Dag and Current Survey New Dag No. 289, Moaji 3.77 per cent, Class Ashaura land. Like every year, he has cultivated paddy again.

But the extortionist terrorists are using various tricks to cut the paddy after it is ripe. If he can’t cut this ripe paddy in the next 2/3 days and take it home, he will have to sit on the road. Helpless, he is now living an inhuman life. For example, if he cannot harvest ripe paddy on time, he will have to count the loss of 5/6 lakh rupees.

In this regard, the owner of the land said on his mobile phone that three sons of the deceased Arun Das (1) Moina Das (35), 2 / Parimal Das (32), 3 / Rinku Das (34) and son of the deceased Abdur Rashid 4 / Yusuf Ali (60) And the son of the late Tera Mia of Kendri village 5 / Azad Mia (55) Gangra is trying to take over the land by force. They do not borrow from the law because they are influential. At this time, he sought the intervention of the higher authorities of the administration rather than remedy it.

Talking to SI Pabitra Kumar Sinha of Jaintapur Model Police Station on the phone, he admitted the truth of the incident and said that he was asked to maintain peace and order in the land as per the order of the wise court.

The police have taken action accordingly. Both sides have been asked to refrain from any kind of riots. At that time, he said, he did not know about the demand for extortion. However, he said that the miscreants are people of bad nature. He said they did not respond to the call of the police.

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