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Habiganj Sadar Hospital treatment ward-sweeper, cheating with disabled family!

Takdir Hossain and Abul Khair of Chunarughat.
Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative /

Ward and sweeper are giving treatment at Habiganj Sadar Hospital. In fact, health care has become a hostage in their hands. Poor and helpless patients from far and wide come here and do not get service even with money. Although such allegations are long-standing, the authorities have not taken any action against them. As a result, their violence is increasing day by day. Even if you come to the emergency department of the hospital to do small stitches, now you have to pay extra. Moreover, doctors and interns are often busy telling stories. Ward and sweepers continue to do important work including sewing. Many poisoned patients died without proper treatment.

Takdir Hossain, a disabled son of flood-hit Abdul Kadduch, a resident of Pirojpur village in Ajmeriganj upazila, was injured at Pirojpur Government Primary School on Wednesday morning. As he was financially indigent, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer sent him to Habiganj Sadar Hospital for treatment with 500 rupees. When he was admitted to the emergency department and went to the ward, ward boy Jasim demanded money from him and said that the government hospital did not have any equipment including sewing thread for bandaging. Must be bought from outside. At that time, when the father of the injured Taqdir expressed reluctance, he got angry with him. Later he was forced to take Turalin injection, DexitJet IG, Sally’s expensive yarn from the nearest pharmacy. At that time, Jasim did not use the equipment and worked with the government equipment in the hospital. Patients are always treated like this.

Earlier on June 14, Abul Khair, 17, son of Abdul Mannan of Gorami village in Chunarughat upazila, came to Sadar Hospital after cutting his hand due to a fan injury. At this time, sweeper Sanjit Harijan claimed to be in-charge of the surgery ward and demanded money from him. Otherwise government equipment is asked to be bought from outside. Later, the patient was bought from outside but he was not treated. After demanding one thousand rupees, Bikash brought 500 rupees from home and his treatment continued. When he informed the authorities, he was given back 300 rupees.

In this way, he has raised questions about the quality of treatment at Sadar Hospital. Day by day medical services have become fragile. They are sent to Dhaka or Sylhet if they do not pay as promised. This often leads to arguments with patients.

Resident Medical Officer said. Abdul Momin Chowdhury said that action will be taken against those involved in the matter.

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