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Habiganj Sadar Hospital patients hostage!

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Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative:

The patients of Habiganj Sadar Hospital have become hostages due to the violence of doctors, nurses and rickshaw pullers. As a result, the suffering of the patients who came to the hospital has reached its climax. Even hospitalized patients are being given substandard food. There is no one to see the ongoing anarchy and cruelty in the name of providing medical services in this large government hospital in Habiganj. The hospital does not have the necessary doctors and manpower. Due to the shortage of doctors, doctor’s assistants and ward boys are the only reliance on public health services.

Not only the crisis of doctors in hospitals but also the extreme shortage of manpower in other departments including senior staff nurses. Apart from the district headquarters and upazilas, the hospital does not have many valuable medical equipments including dental equipment, pathologist equipment, etc. As a result, ordinary people who come to the hospital hoping for medical services are being deprived of all those medical services.

Poor patients from remote areas of the district come to the hospital with the hope of getting a little better and free government health care. But when they come here, they have to read in misery, in various difficulties.

From the entrance gate of the hospital to the cabin and bed, there are different classes of brokers. Among them are some dishonest officials and employees of the hospital and rickshaw pullers. They take money from poor and simple patients and show them the various temptations, such as getting fast medical services, necessary medicines, cabins to stay, etc.

That’s a lot of things – medical services before money. After their grasp, many of them were seen lying on the verandah of the hospital, even though they were twice as ill as the medical service.

There are allegations that they are employed and controlled by government doctors and the doctors of these brokers pay commission to the patients. It is seen that they have different meetings while visiting patients. Many nurses, including doctors, go on break before lunch. They do not meet even after a certain period of time.

Complaining to the aggrieved patients, the doctors preferred their own private institution over their government workplace. Another notable figure is the presence of sales representatives from various pharmaceutical companies while doctors are on duty. Doctors are often seen talking and talking with those representatives in the hope of getting expensive gifts or big benefits.

Through these activities, the patients waiting in line have to face various harassment. Due to the negligence and absence of doctors, nurses, ward boys and nurses became paramount. From seeing the patient, he is doing everything in a hurry. Patients are helpless in the face of extreme abuse of a class of doctors, nurses and midwives in government hospitals without facilities.

Other patients, including hospitalized patients, do not receive adequate medication despite having adequate medication. When you go to fetch the medicine with the prescription of the doctors, you are told with 2/1 cheap medicine, the rest are not in the store so you have to buy from outside. But when you go to an outside pharmacy, you can see the price of the medicines that are not available. Where does all this expensive medicine go? Ordinary patients fall into new frustrations and pains even when they go to the nearest private clinics in the hope of getting rid of all these pains.

In the name of better treatment, those gleaming clinics are being traded in the name of good treatment. Ordinary patients get into trouble when they see the famous and expensive degrees of the doctors. The pockets of helpless patients are being emptied by borrowing extra fees from doctors, unnecessary medicines along with necessary medicines, high cost test fees, bed rent. All these charges they are raising as they please. Moreover, the patient is advised to be examined from a designated clinic or laboratory with a long slip for useful and unnecessary pathology tests. They are unacceptable if done from somewhere else. There is also commission trade. Hospitals do not care about the regulations and warnings of the Ministry of Health. The owners of the medical commercial establishments called elite hospitals are also out of reach as always as they are much more influential.

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