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Habiganj Kibria Bridge Is At Risk

Mir Jamal Habiganj : The two Bailey Bridges over the Khowai River, which flows past the town of Habiganj, have now become extremely dangerous. And by doing so, the city dwellers are fearing a terrible accident at any time. However, as there is no alternative system, ordinary people including vehicles have to travel through the two bridges at the risk of their lives. But the road department said the same thing, ‘The project has been approved. The Umda Mia Bailey Bridge was built in 1984 on the Khowai River, which flows east-northeast of the city.

It is one of the most popular roads in Habiganj district town with Baniachang, Ajmiriganj, Nabiganj upazila, Sylhet and Sunamganj with thousands of people commuting daily. 1 year ago, the road department declared it risky. As an alternative, it is recommended to use the nearby MA Rob Bridge. Despite knowing the risk due to the location advantage, thousands of people are using this bridge every day.

The Kibria Bailey Bridge was built in 2002 on the east side of the bridge. The pillars and slabs have become shaky and risky as the bridge has not been repaired for a long time. Various vehicles going to Sylhet are also plying through this bridge. Besides, several thousand students of Sachindra College, one of the most important schools of the district, use this bridge every day. In this situation, the city dwellers are fearing a big accident if the two bridges break at any time.

Drivers claim that if the two bridges are not rebuilt now, a major accident could happen at any time if a hired vehicle gets up. And it can be fatal. So they drew the attention of the concerned authorities to repair the two bridges quickly. Pedestrian Nazrul Islam said he always traveled through the bridge. I know when an accident happens.

Fazle Rabbi Russell, a member of the executive committee of the Habiganj Chamber of Commerce, said the two Bailey Bridges are one of the means of communication with the city. Traders are suffering a lot as the two bridges are at risk. Heavy vehicles are not able to move with the goods. Traders will benefit if the bridge is repaired quickly.

Former president of Habiganj Press Club Shaban Mia said the two bridges were repaired a few days later. But after a few days, the bridge became dangerous due to lack of planned work. So sustainable reform or reconstruction is needed.

Sajib Ahmed, executive engineer of the Roads and Highways Department, said, ‘The project has already been approved for the reconstruction of two bridges. The work will start soon after the tender is called. ‘But the same assurance has been heard from the road department for several years. The same drum is being beaten again and again.

Habiganj-3 MP and district Awami League president Alhaj Advocate Md Abu Zahir said, “These two bridges will be made more sustainable than other bridges.” For this I have spoken to the concerned authorities. Hopefully the reconstruction will start soon.

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