August 6, 2021, 12:55 am

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Habiganj clinic and nurse malpractice “maternity” woman dies!

Dead-Taslima Akhter, photo.
Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj:

A “maternity” woman has been found dead in Habiganj city due to malpractice of a clinic and a nurse. However, the newborn survived for a short time. Fighting is going on everywhere with such an incident. Some say that the woman died at the Moon Smile Clinic because of the nurse. Mutual statements have been found about this.

It is learned that Taslima Akhter, 35, wife of Shafiqul Islam of Madhabpur village in Ubahata union of Chunarughat upazila, went to Shirina Begum, nurse of Habiganj Sadar Hospital, wife of Qutub Ali of Balla Gate area of ​​Shayestaganj municipality on Friday afternoon with “maternity” pain. After going there, the nurse delivered the woman as her condition was critical. Then a newborn is born. At one stage the woman became unconscious. The nurse then advised her husband to bring her to the Moon Smile Clinic in Habiganj. Immediately her husband brought Moon Smile to the clinic. The woman lost consciousness again at around 3 pm even though she moved a little after being treated there. Then the doctors on duty at the clinic asked him to take her to Habiganj Sadar Hospital. After taking her there, the doctor declared Taslima dead. Then a storm of heartbreaking tears went to Sadar Hospital.
According to relatives, Taslima died due to the negligence of the doctors of Shirina Begum and Chander Hasi Clinic.

They will take recourse to the law in this regard. When contacted, nurse Shirina Begum said she is a senior staff nurse at Sadar Hospital. Taslima came to him a week ago. He treats. Yesterday comes before Friday prayers. His condition was not so good then. After a pain injection and saline push the newborn was born and his condition was also good. Later, her husband Shafiqul Islam took her to Chander Hasi Clinic in a CNG for better treatment. I don’t know what happened after going there. But he left me alive. I got the news around 4 pm that Taslima had died.

When the director of the Moon Smile Clinic, Samrat, was contacted, he said that Taslima had been brought. However, the patient’s condition was very bad. Their idea is to die at the time of bringing. So the relatives were advised to take him to Habiganj Sadar Hospital without saying anything. It is not true that they died here.

Doctor Sushmita Saha of Sadar Hospital said Taslima was brought dead. He died of excessive bleeding about an hour before his arrival at Sadar Hospital.

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