December 2, 2021, 10:24 am

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Green cactus snake rescued in Srimangal, released


A cactus snake has been recovered from the locality in Srimangal. The snake was rescued from Natunbazar on Saturday afternoon by the Wildlife Service Foundation authorities.

Swapan Dev Sajal, director of the Wildlife Services Foundation, said shopkeepers in the market were shocked to see the snake around noon. From there a man reported to the Wildlife Service Foundation. Upon receiving the news, Sajal Dev rescued the snake unharmed and brought it to the Wildlife Service Foundation. In the afternoon, the snake was released in Lauyachhara National Park with the help of forest department people.
Sajal Dev said that he had earlier rescued some green cactus snakes from the market area. He added that snakes of the cactus species live in deep forests and are mildly venomous snakes. They especially live in banana trees and prefer to stay behind on banana sticks. The snake may have come to the locality with a banana brought from the mountains.

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