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Golden dream of the farmer

Zaker ALi Shuva, Bureau Chief: Kushtia’s Kumarkhali upazila has a
reputation for rice production since time immemorial. Agriculture is
the main crop of Paddy cultivation in this upazila. The upazila was
safe even though crops were destroyed by the floods all over the
country, but the indomitable farmers could not be restrained even if
there was some damage due to the accumulation of rain water in the
continuous rains.

The crop fields of Kumarkhali upazila, which is famous for its crops,
are now green. As far as the eye can see, the green and green scenes
are eye-catching. And the golden dream of the farmer Aman Paddy is
swaying in the field in the gentle wind. Again, their Paddy has
started ripening in some lands. As the days go by, a different image
is transmitted to the heart of the farmer.

Farmers will get benefits in Aman cultivation as the weather is
favorable. Besides good yield, farmers are hoping that they will get
fair price of Aman Paddy this time. Ignoring Corona’s fears, they were
busy planting Aman in the field. Amid concerns over coronavirus across
the country, Action Hero farmers have been working day and night to
meet the food needs of a large population. They do not have time to
sit on the ground for a moment. They have been busy in weed and insect
control, irrigation and various activities of Ropa Aman.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Extension Department, the target
for cultivation in 1 municipality and 11 unions was set at 13,770
hectares of land during the current transplanting season. Acquired 13
thousand 775 hectares. Production target level is 75763 metric tons,

It has been seen that the appearance of Aman paddy is changing
rapidly in different fields of the upazila. Fields of Paddy are
swaying in the wind in the fields. And the minds of the farmers are
swaying with joy. And within 10/15 days, cutting and threshing of
Paddy will start. However, farmers think that early varieties of Paddy
such as Brie-Paddy 33, 39, 49, 51, 52, 57, 66, 71, 75 have started to
be harvested. Added to this is the unannounced lockdown in Corona.
Even then they are optimistic.

At present, farmers are worried about harvesting crops due to
coronavirus. Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Debashish Kumar
Das said that even if they do not get the workers on time, they will
not be harmed because in the current financial year 2 harvesters, 3
reapers and 1 rice transplanter have been provided. Farmers are
expecting no major natural calamity until the paddy is taken home.
They said if all goes well, there is a possibility of bumper yield of
Aman in Kumarkhali upazila this year. They have demanded the
authorities to get a fair price for the hard-earned crops.

A few farmers, including Zahir Uddin, a farmer from Baraichara village
in the upazila, said that this time Aman has been planted in almost
all the lands including fallow land in each field. Now the crop fields
are turning green to golden. We hope for a good harvest. Barik
Pramanik, a farmer from Hasimpur village, said that he has cultivated
5 varieties of Swarna Paddy in 3 bighas of land. The Paddy plant has
been very good. You have to give poison twice. This has cost a little
more than other years.

Kumarkhali Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Debashish Kumar
Das said, “I and the Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer are also
giving advice to the farmers in the situation caused by the
coronavirus.” We have given regular advice to the farmers on regular
yard meetings and field days including Door-to-Door visits to farmers
to use moderate fertilizers for higher yields, pesticides, water
saving, light trap methods and overall care. As a result, farmers have
been able to apply fertilizers and pesticides to their crop lands at
the right time. It is expected that if the weather is favorable, there
is a possibility of bumper yield this year than other years.

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