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Goalanda accused of killing housewife against husband

Sheikh Momin, Goalanda (Rajbari): A housewife named Joygan Begum (30) was allegedly strangled to death by her husband over a family quarrel in Goalanda of Rajbari. The accused husband’s name is Muktar Sardar (40). Her father’s name is Islam Sardar. The deceased Jayagan is the mother of one son and one daughter. The husband is absconding after the incident.
The incident took place at around 5pm on Wednesday (June 30) at Ank’s Sheikh village in Daulatdia union of the upazila. Joygan Begum is the daughter of Joynuddin Mistry of Dewan Para village in Ward 2 of Goalanda Municipality.

Joynuddin Mistry told reporters that his son-in-law used to beat my daughter from time to time. A few days ago he killed my daughter and sent her to my house. I did well with the treatment. Then the son-in-law came and took her to his house. Shortly after leaving, he called my daughter on my mobile phone again on Wednesday, Take itAfter a while, a person named Mukta called me and told me to treat her as much as it takes. We will pay. You go to the hospital quickly. I went to the hospital and saw that my daughter had died. They say my daughter committed suicide by consuming poison. But he did not eat poison. My daughter cannot commit suicide. They are killing my daughter. I want to hang them through proper trial.

Muktar’s sister Achma Begum said Muktar himself strangled his wife. A man next door told me that your brother was beating his wife. I quickly went home and saw my brother sitting on Bhabhi’s chest. He was holding Bhabhi’s neck with his hand. Seeing me, my brother ran away. I approached him and thought.
Fupari is rising with her mouth. We rushed him to Goalanda Hospital. After seeing the doctor, he said he was dead. He did not commit suicide by consuming poison.
In this regard, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Goalanda Ghat Police Station Muhammad Abdullah Al Taybi said that the body has been sent to the morgue of Rajbari for autopsy. The father of the deceased has verbally complained about the murder of their daughter. The official said that legal action will be taken after investigating the matter.

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