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General Secretary of Daulatdia Juba League fired for extortion and various other allegations

Sheikh Momin /

Mohammad Julhas Mollah, general secretary of Daulatdia Union Juba League in Goalanda, Rajbari, has been temporarily fired for allegedly engaging in extortion and anti-social activities and violating party discipline.

This information was given in a press release jointly signed by the Deputy District Juba League President Md. Yunus Mollah and the Acting General Secretary Rafiqul Islam Salu on Friday afternoon at the own branch of the Goa District Juba League branch. According to the press release, the general secretary of Daulatdia Union Juba League, Md. Julhas Mollah, has been accused of engaging in distrust, extortion and anti-social activities and breach of party discipline. .In view of this, the Goalanda Sub-District Juba League branch decided to expel Motabek Julhas Mollah temporarily.

Md. Julhas Mollah, general secretary of the expelled Daulatdia Union Juba League, said he loved the party as a dedicated worker of the Juba League. And he doesn’t have the courage to go beyond the team’s decision. But today the sub-district Juba League is expelling him from his post in an illegal way. It is not known to the district committee. He was not given any notice or opportunity to show cause. And no allegations were made against him by phone or any other means. .The allegations against him were made after he saw a press release on Facebook expelling him. According to the constitution, he did not accept the expulsion. He will talk about this issue with the district and central leaders. And he will take whatever decision they make. He also said that he is the candidate for general secretary of Goalanda upozila Juba League in the next conference. That is why a conspiracy is being hatched against him. His image is ruined.

In this regard, the President of Goalanda Sub-District Juba League Md. Yunus Mollah said that an urgent decision will be taken against Julhas Mollah in the light of allegations of Daulatdia Union Juba League extortion, anti-social activities and breach of party disciplineBohiskar decided.And he is working against the organization by not taking part in the activities of the party held at different times.

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