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freedom fighter Ali Hossain, the heroic of ’71, lived a life of humanity

Belal Hossain Riaz, (Comilla): He was 18 years old then. Togbage naval joan. 1971. The war started all around. I can’t sleep at night. There is panic. I don’t know when the military set fire to the house. At that very moment, my friend Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave me self-confidence. On that day, thinking of the country and the people of the country, we jumped into the great war of liberation at the call of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. That call of Bangabandhu is still ringing in my ears. Ali Hossain, a heroic freedom fighter who took part in the great liberation war in 1971, wept. He is the son of late Badsha Miah of Bishnupur village in Moukra UP of Nangalkot upazila of Comilla. He also said that with the last farewell from his parents at the end of May, Abdul Mannan of Kakiratala village of Periya UP, Abdul Latif of Parikot village of Bangadda UP and Ramzan of Gunavati village of Chauddagram Upazila were opened in India.

Major Abdur Rashid’s leadership did not have 10-15 days training there. Later, a group of 24 people left for Harina area of Meghalaya. There I trained for a month under the leadership of Indian Major Sharma. At the end of the training, Chota was asked to work with Major Enam. Later when he met Major Enam, he told me to meet Major Haider of Sector 2. When I met Major Haider at the Indian border, he gave me the responsibility of the intelligence agency. My responsibility is from Birisingh Dighi to Chauddagram Jagannath Dighi.

If there was any liberation force from India or if there was talk of war, I would go first and show the way. If you go through this road, you will be shot. There will be no more danger. The freedom fighters would cross the road as soon as they got my signal. In this way, day after day, night after night. A few days before independence, I was escorted from Hasanpur railway station to the military camp at Battali village in present day Battali UP. The night before the declaration of independence, I attacked the Battali military camp and got involved in the war. That’s where we win. Later at around 11 am the country was declared independent.

The country became independent and I came home. Since then the war-torn country has been in mourning. Lack and lack. In the meantime I started my family life. The war against scarcity started anew. This war is not over. This war will continue till the moment of death. Four sons and two daughters in the family life. The first son Mabul Haque, the second son Ebaydul Haque, the third son Fazlul Haque and the fourth Mojibul Haque run the family by working as day laborers. The girls are also married. They are also doing the husband’s family.

It was learned on Monday that freedom fighter Ali Hossain was living in a dilapidated house with ginger tin on all sides, ginger flour fence and tin roof on top. On a rainy day, water falls through a leak in a tin. The light of the sun shines during the day. At night, the moon can be seen in the sky. The house has an old mill and some furniture. With this he is living the life of humanity. The allowance he receives from the government depends on his family.

The present government is a freedom fighter friendly government. Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bengal, has been providing various facilities for the freedom fighters in each upazila, including a freedom fighter complex and housing. Which did not benefit the freedom fighter Ali Hossain. He is currently living a life of humanity. But many people left the government house and I did not get a house. It is very difficult to live in this dilapidated house. I seek the cooperation of the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

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