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Fishermen in the Bay of Bengal Silver is being caught in flocks Hilsa

Anower Hossain Anu, Kalapara (Patuakhali): Fishermen are catching silver hilsa in large numbers in the Bay of Bengal. Hundreds of fishing trawlers are returning to shore every day with silver hilsa. Hilsa is also being sold in the coastal fishing ports including Mahipur, Alipur and Kuakata. Increased Busyness. There are more than two hundred warehouses at Kuakata and fishing port Alipore, Mahipur. About a thousand metric tons of fish is being sold in these places every day. Prices are now within reach. Ordinary people are able to taste hilsa at a lower price just like the fishermen are smiling when hilsa is caught in the Bay of Bengal. After 65 days of siege, the fishermen went fishing in the sea but the desired hilsa was not found. Although hilsa was caught in the South East Bay of Bengal, there was a shortage of hilsa in the North West Bay.

Hilsa has been caught by fishermen since last Thursday. On Sunday morning, the fishing port Alipur-Mahipur was visited and Nizam Majhi returned to the port with 200 manas of hilsa. He sold the fish for Rs 35 lakh at a fish farm called Faisal Fish Has done. Azad Majhi has come from Noakhali to catch hilsa in the sea adjacent to Kuakata. In his FB mother’s prayer trawler, he has 120 mana hilsa Got it. He sold the fish for Tk 22 lakh at Messrs. Allah Varsa Fish Farm. Rabbi Majhi of FB Kamal Trawler got the fish 60 minds. He sold the fish for Tk 16 lakh at the Messrs. Akon fish market in Mahipur. Rabbi Majhi Kuakata from Chittagong He has come to catch hilsa in the adjacent sea. In this way, the fishermen including the fishermen are happy to catch hilsa in every fishing trawler.

These extracted hilsa of the fishermen are being sold in the open market for 12 to 25 thousand rupees. Hilsa traders are buying these hilsas and marketing them in different parts of the country with the help of trucks, pick-ups and transport. Large size hilsa is also being exported outside the country. Luna Akon, owner of Messrs. Allah Varsa Fish Farm in Mahipur Port, told reporters that the current price of fish weighing less than one kg and above 800 grams is being sold at Rs. . Alipore: Didar Uddin Masum Bepari, president of Kuakata Fisheries Cooperative Society, said a lot of hilsa has been caught in the sea for the last four days.

The price is also a bit lower than before. Anshar Uddin Mollah, president of Alipur-Kuakata Fisheries Market Cooperative Society, said 50 per cent fishermen had caught good hilsa in 4/5 days. In this way, if the fishermen are caught for 15 days, the fishermen will make a profit by compensating the loss Will see.

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