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Fate shifts in mushroom cultivation

Md. Sharifuzzaman, Basil (Tangail): During the Karonakayaka, the expatriate Saiful Islam (30) in the dark life of the expatriate Saiful Islam (30) in the dark life, a festive shop in combination with mushroom cultivation and mushrooms. Now he is earning more than the life of exile by cultivating mushrooms. When it was not able to go to Saudi Arabia, when the thinking of wife-daughter and family was pushing into the darkness of his life, Basil upazila became encouraged by mushroom cultivation through the Department of Agricultural Extension. From that, Saiful started, after this year, he did not look back and did not look back to Saiful.

Mohammad Saiful Islam, son of Bassha Mia of Basail Sadar union of Basil Sadar union of the upazila. With two children, he went to Saudi Arabia in 2018. Two years worked on a three-month holiday. After going to Saudi Arabia again in Saudi, he was stuck in Lockdown in the country. Meanwhile, the validity of the visa ends. On the one hand, the cost of the family is in the life of the time of going abroad, in his life. Saiful decides to do anything on agriculture after not getting a mindset in the door of the door of an employment. With the advice from the upazila agricultural office, contacted by Savar National Mushroom Institute and took a 10-day online training through Zoom Singing ID on the virtual platform on mobile. After 7 days in Savar, in the hands of the real experience, the seed brought seeds from there.

In February 2020, he built a house with 20 cubits at around 1 lakh 50 thousand taka near his own house. He started cultivating mushrooms with 3 hundreds of 50 spons (wooden bosa, rice husk, lime in rice) and straw (tauri) packet seeds in the rice and straw of rice). Only thirty days, mushroom collection began, which can be collected for two and a half months in phases each week. Each spun packet kept in the floor of the farm is available in 250 grams of packets and 500 grams of mushrooms from straw packets. Thus, 3 hundred and 50 seeds can be collected every 5/6 kg of mushrooms. At present, there are about 7 hundred packets like mushroom collections per week in Saiful farm.

About the Mushrum Farmer Saiful Islam said, the mushroom farms from the dark life of the unemployment of the exile showed me the path of light. Mushroom farms and mushroom festapers are earning about ten thousand daily. I collect three to four kilograms of mushrooms from 75 to 90 days from a seed of a packet of pacquer of 12/15. I can not fulfill the amount of mushrooms in the market for two hundred rupees per kg. Hopefully, if you can cultivate with two thousand packets seeds, then it will be possible to fulfill this demand. He also said that due to the financial crisis, I can not increase the farm and establish a mushroom lab. It is possible to conduct a mushroom revolution in the residence if you get government assistance.
Basil Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer Najinin Akhter said, Mushroom is a beneficial, healthy meal. Masharum can be tasted various delicate foods including soap, powder, soup, chop. After training from Savar in Savar with advice, Saiful Islam has made mushroom farms and after two to two and a half months, they can produce 5/6 kg of mushrooms every day. In any advice, the Department of Agriculture Extension of Upazila will always be beside him. Saiful mimic for Basil’s unemployed youth. Basail Agricultural Extension Directorate will arrange to send them to Savar if he wanted to train him in mushroom cultivation and send them to Savar.

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